All Islamic Knowledge About Prophets

Islamic Studies MCQs

  1. Adam was created on Juma day.
  2. Adam landed in Sri Lanka on Adam’s Peak Mountain.
  3. Adam is a word of Syriani language.
  4. Adam had 2 daughters.
  5. Kabeel killed Habeel because he wanted to marry Akleema.
  6. The first person to be put into Hell will be Qaabil.
  7. Adam had 3 sons.
  8. Shees was youngest son of Adam.
  9. Age of Adam at Sheesh’s birth was 130 years.
  10. Adam walked from India to Makkah and performed forty Hajj.
  11. Adam knew 100 000 languages. (Roohul Bayaan)
  12. Abul Basher is called to Hazrat Adam.
  13. Hazrat Adam built first mosque on earth.
  14. Height of Adam was 90 feet.
  15. Age of Adam at the time of his death 950 years.
  16. Hazrat Adam’s grave is in Saudi Arabia.
  17. Second prophet is Sheesh.
  18. Sheesh passed away at the age of 912 years.
  19. Noah got prophethood at the age of 40
  20. Ark of Noah stopped at Judi Mountain (Turkey).
  21. Noah preached for 950 years.
  22. Nation of Noah worshipped 5 idols.
  23. Nation of Noah was exterminated through the flood.
  24. Pigeon was sent for the search of land by Hazrat Nooh.
  25. Noah was sent to Iraq.
  26. 2242 years after Adam, Toofan-e-Noah occurred.
  27. About 80 people were with him in the boat.
  28. Duration of storm of Noah was for 6 months.
  29. Noah lived for 950 years.
  30. Nooh is called predecessor, Naji Ullah; Shaikh ul Ambiya.
  31. Abu ul Bashr Sani is title of Noah.
  32. After toofan-e-nooh , the city establish was Khasran
  33. Ibrahim was thrown into the fire by the order of Namrud.
  34. Hazrat Ibraheem intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina.
  35. Ibrahim was born at Amer near Euphrate (Iraq)
  36. Ibraheem was firstly ordered to migrate to Palestine.
  37. First wife of Ibraheem was Saarah.
  38. Second wife of Ibraheem was Haajirah.
  39. Azaab of mosquitoes was sent to the nation of Ibrahim
  40. Abraham is called khalilullah, father of prophets and Idol Destroyer.
  41. Age of Abraham at the time of his death 175 years.
  42. Grave of Abraham is in Israel.(Syria chk it).
  43. Ibrahim is buried at Hebron in Jerusalem.
  44. Abrahem invented comb.
  45. Hazrat Loot was contemporary of Hazarat Ibraheem
  46. Abraham remained in fire 40 days.
  47. Terah or Aazer was the father of Ibraheem.
  48. Grave of Lut is in Iraq.
  49. Luut died at Palestine and is buried at Hebron.

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