Intelligence Operator MCQs Past Paper pdf


Punjab Police special branch Intelligence Operator MCQs Past Paper pdf and sample paper. Intelligence Operator test preparation and practice test.

1.Who is often referred to as the “Father of the Nation” in Pakistan?

A) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

B) Allama Iqbal

C) Liaquat Ali Khan

D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Answer: A) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah


2.What is the largest province by area in Pakistan?

A) Punjab

B) Sindh

C) Balochistan

D) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Answer: C) Balochistan


3.The Khyber Pass is a famous mountain pass connecting Pakistan with which country?

A) Afghanistan

B) India

C) China

D) Iran

Answer: A) Afghanistan


4.What is the capital city of Australia?

A) Sydney

B) Canberra

C) Melbourne

D) Brisbane

Answer: B) Canberra


5.Which planet is known as the “Red Planet”?

A) Venus

B) Mars

C) Jupiter

D) Saturn

Answer: B) Mars


6.Who painted the famous artwork “Mona Lisa”?

A) Vincent van Gogh

B) Pablo Picasso

C) Leonardo da Vinci

D) Michelangelo

Answer: C) Leonardo da Vinci


7.Which is the first month of the Islamic calendar?

A) Shawwal

B) Ramadan

C) Muharram

D) Rabi’ al-Awwal

Answer: C) Muharram


8.What is the name of the pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim is required to undertake at least once in their lifetime if they are able to do so?

A) Hajj

B) Umrah

C) Tawaf

D) Salat

Answer: A) Hajj


9.Which Angel is responsible for delivering revelations from Allah to the prophets?

A) Jibreel (Gabriel)

B) Mikail (Michael)

C) Israfil

D) Azrael

Answer: A) Jibreel (Gabriel)


10.Which gas is most abundant in the Earth’s atmosphere?

A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen

Answer: C) Nitrogen


11.What is the boiling point of water in Celsius?

A) 100°C

B) 0°C

C) 212°C

D) 50°C

Answer: A) 100°C


12.Which part of the human body is primarily responsible for maintaining balance and spatial orientation?

A) Ears

B) Eyes

C) Hands

D) Feet

Answer: A) Ears


13.If \( x = 4 \) and \( y = 7 \), what is the value of \( 3x + 2y \)?

A) 29

B) 34

C) 25

D) 26

Answer: B) 34


14.If a rectangle has a length of 10 units and a width of 5 units, what is its area?

A) 25 square units

B) 50 square units

C) 15 square units

D) 30 square units

Answer: B) 50 square units


15.Solve for \( x \) in the equation: \( 2x + 5 = 17 \).

A) 6

B) 7

C) 8

D) 9

Answer: A) 6

16.Which keyboard shortcut is used to bold text in Microsoft Word?

A) Ctrl + B
B) Ctrl + U
C) Ctrl + I
D) Ctrl + L

Answer: A) Ctrl + B

17.What is the file extension for a Microsoft Word document?

A) .docx
B) .txt
C) .pdf
D) .xls

Answer: A) .docx

18.Which tab in Microsoft Word contains options for formatting text, such as font style, size, and color?

A) Home
B) Insert
C) Page Layout
D) References

Answer: A) Home

19.What function in Excel is used to find the highest value in a range of cells?

A) MAX()
B) MIN()
C) SUM()

Answer: A) MAX()

20.Which Excel feature is used to display a preview of how your data will look when printed?

A) Page Layout View
B) Print Preview
C) Data Validation
D) Conditional Formatting

Answer: B) Print Preview

21.In Excel, which symbol is used to indicate an absolute cell reference?

A) %
B) $
C) #
D) @

Answer: B) $

22.Which view in PowerPoint allows you to see all slides at once, making it easier to rearrange, add, or delete slides?

A) Slide Sorter view
B) Normal view
C) Slide Show view
D) Outline view

Answer: A) Slide Sorter view

23.What feature in PowerPoint allows you to add predefined formatting and color schemes to your presentation?

A) Slide Transition
B) Slide Layout
C) Slide Master
D) Animation

Answer: C) Slide Master

24.Which option in PowerPoint lets you rehearse your presentation timings and helps you adjust the pace of your slides?

A) Presenter View
B) Timing Inspector
C) Rehearse Timings
D) Slide Show Settings

Answer: C) Rehearse Timings

25.Which protocol is used to retrieve emails from a mail server to your computer?


Answer: B) POP3

26.What does the abbreviation “URL” stand for in relation to web addresses?

A) Universal Resource Locator
B) Uniform Resource Location
C) Universal Request Line
D) Uniform Request Locator

Answer: A) Universal Resource Locator

27.Which internet browser is developed by Mozilla and known for its focus on privacy and security?

A) Chrome
B) Safari
C) Firefox
D) Edge

Answer: C) Firefox

28.Which component of a computer performs arithmetic and logical operations?

A) CPU (Central Processing Unit)
B) GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
C) RAM (Random Access Memory)
D) HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Answer: A) CPU (Central Processing Unit)

29.What is the primary function of an operating system in a computer?

A) Manage hardware components
B) Control internet access
C) Run applications
D) Control the power supply

Answer: A) Manage hardware components

30.What type of storage retains data even when the computer is turned off?

A) RAM (Random Access Memory)
B) ROM (Read-Only Memory)
C) Cache Memory
D) Virtual Memory

Answer: B) ROM (Read-Only Memory)

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