MCQs of Indian Pakistan History

History MCQs

a. Sabuktagin passed away in:
Ans. 997

b. Khusrau Malik was the Governor of:
Ans. Depalpur.

c. Sindh was conquered by Muhammad Ghauri in:
Ans. 1182.

d. Qutb-ud-Din Aibak captured Delhi, Meerut and Ranthambhor in:
Ans. 1205.

e. Qutb-ud-Din Aibak was described as a “Typical specimen of the ferocious Central Asian warriors of the time, merciless and fanatical” By:
Ans. V. A. Smith.

f. Prince Khuram was entitled as Shahjehan on the recovery of:
Ans. Qandahar.

g. Malik Ambar died in:
Ans. 1626.

h. Festival of coronation anniversary was abolished in:
Ans. 1677.

i. Prince Murad Bakhsh was beheaded on:
Ans. 4th December 1661.

j. Hamayun was born at:
Ans. Kabul.

k. Adab-e-Alamgiri was written by:
Ans. Abdul Fateh Qabil Khan.

l. Bibar Khan was son of:
Ans. Dariya khan.

m. Peacock throne was erected by:
Ans. Shahjehan.

n. Abbas Sarwani is the author of:
Ans. Tarikh Sher Shahi.

o. Abul Talib Kalim was a famous:
Ans. Poet.

p. Malik Nazim-ud-Din received the title of Naib-e-Mumlikat from:
Ans. Kai Kubad.

q. Ali Mardan Khan surrendered Qandhar to:
Ans. Shahjehan.

r. Sher Khan capture the fortress of Chanar in:
Ans. 1532.

s. Fakhr-ud-Din Mubarak declared his independence in Bengal in:

Ans. 1338.

t. Peshkar was the personal secretary of:
Ans. Subahdar.

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