PMS 100 MCQs General Knowledge Paper

1.    Canton is a city in
2.    Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by
3.    Capital of Zimbabwe is
4.    Myanmar is the new name of .
5.    Morocco and Spain are separated by
6.    The Apex elected body ‘n Israel is called
7.    Communist Revolution in Russia took place in the month of
8.    Pulitzer is an American Award in the field of
9.    The name of US. Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan is ,
10.    Defacto means
11.    Carter Blanche means
12.    Corrigendum means
13.    Faux Pas means
14.    Fifth column refers to
15.    Pediatrics refers to
16.    Pythagonas, geometrician belonged to
17.    Asian Drama was written by
18.    Tolstoy was the author of famous novel
19.    Which of the following ranks in the air force is higher?
20.    The Headquarter of W.T.O. is at
21.    lntemational Court of J stice sits at
22.    Heat received by earth from the sun known as
23.    The cheapest source of electricity generation i
24.    Largest Political Agenc in Pakistan tribal area in terms of area is
25.    Lo ari Pass connects
26.    From Karachi farthest point on the coastal highway is
27.    Circumference of earth is around
28.    The deepest point in Pacific Oceans
29.    Mount Killminjaro is situated in
30.    Suaz Canal links the following seas
31.    Kojak Pass is located between
32.    Nearest part of atmosphere to earth is called
33.    Colossuim an amplimeatre was built in
34.    Special theory of relativity was proposed by
35.    Issac Newton gave
36.    “Co position of Alchemy” is written by
37.    The book ‘Al Qanun Fi Tib is written by
38.    Growth Domestic Product in Pakistan IS growing at the rate of
39.    Agriculture. the key sector in the Pakistan economy accounts for
40.    The earth is more close to Sun is
41.    Time required for a computer to locate and transfer data is called
42.    A device which encodes character by the depression of keys l5 known as
43.    Mixture of two metals is called
44.    The area inside a computer frame and auxiliary storage where date and instructions are tored is called
45.    An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated Circuits are implicated ls called
46.    The time taken by light to reach earth from the Sun is  Page 2

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