Solved MCQs of Computer Science for all Competitive Examinations

Computer Science Mcqs
(A) Write the terms on your answer book for whom the following abbreviations stand for:

2) DOS

(B) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given set of options:

6) The processor’s components are synchronized by:
a. Instructions
b. Data
c. Information
d. Clock pulses
7) External devices are linked to a small computer system through:
a. Channels
b. Control units
c. Plugs
d. interfaces
8) Data on disk are recorded on a series of concentric circle called:
a. Sectors
b. Cylinders
c. Blocks
d. Tracks

9) The simplest data structure is a:
a. File
b. List
c. Record
d. Array

10) Several computers linked by communication lines for a:
a. Network
b. Distributed system
c. Time share system
d. Ring

(C) write true (T) or false (F) in your answer book about following statements:

11) programs are loaded into main memory by the operating system’s memory manager
12) with sequential access, records can be accessed in any order
13) the process of removing errors from a program is called compilation
14) data flow over a bus is parallel
15) one instruction is fetched and executed by computer during a single machine cycle

(D) write short answer to the following:

16) FTP
17) LAN
18) Cache memory
19) Algorithm
20) SQL

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