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01. First paper to use the title “Quaid-e-Azam” was:
A) Dawn weekly (B) Dawn daily (C) Al Aman (D) Comrade (E) Pioneer

02. Swadeshi movement was launched to reverse the:
(A) Partition of India (B) Partition of Bengal (C) Separation of Sindh from Bombay (D) Annexation of Kashmir (E) Annexation of Goa.

03 Circadian Rhythm refers to:
(A) Planetary movements (B) Formation of galaxies (C) Human body cycles (D) Calisthenics

4 The Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed Haj in:
(A) 8th Hijri (B) 10th Hijri (C) 7thHijri (D) 11th Hijr

5 Which Holy book belonged to Hazrat Moosa (A.S):
(A) Taurat (B) Zaboor (C) Anjeel (D) Holy Bible (E) Old Testament.

06 First convert to Islam was a:
(A) Lady (B) Boy (C) Slave (D) Companion

07 How long was the Holy Prophet (PBUH) visiting Ghar-e-Hira before the first “Wahi”
(A) 05 years (B) 05 months (C) 15 months (D) 02 years (E) First time

08 When was the first Nimaz Eid-ul-Filr read?
(A) lstRamzan (2Hijn) (B) 08th Muharram(03 Hijri) (C) 1st Shawal (2 Hijri) (D) 8th Rabi-ul-Awai (4th Hijri)

09 One Kilobyte is:
(A) 1000 bytes (B) 1024 bytes (C) 10,000 bytes (D) 10 megabytes –

10 CNC refers to:
(A) Anti-Nuclear movement (B) Computer controlled machines
(C) Nuclear reactors (D) Naval computers

11 Kim ball Tags arc small punched cards attached to:
(A) Garments (B) Identity cards (C) Groceries (D) Cell phones (E) Lap – lop computer

12 “Fuzzy logic” is a part of:
(A) Aristotle’s philosophy (ft) Computer science (C) Epicurianism (D) Sophism

13 Which is an endangered species?
(A) Indus blind dolphin (B) Markhor (C) Dromedory (D) Water buffalo (E) Jelly fish

14 Periodontics deals with:
(A) Surgery of spine (B) Dentistry (C) Ligaments restoration. (D) Stomach disorders, (E) Heart attacks

15 The National tree of Pakistan is: (A) Keeker (B) Deodar (C) Peepal (D) Eucalyptus (E) Mango.

16 Rowlatt act passed in 1 919 led to the:
(A) Julianwala Bagh tragedy (B) Meerut conspiracy (C) Indian mutiny (D) Hindu -Muslim riots (E) Congress-Muslim League split

17 In 1953 the constituent assembly had. (a) 79 members (B) 85 members (C) 320 members (D) 150 members

18 Antiquities act of 1975 deals with:
(A) Destruction and defacing of antiques (B) Preservation of artifacts
(C) Sale of antiques (D) History of antiquities (E)Archaeological diggings

19 Bupsi Sidhwa is famous:
(A) Writer (B) Historian (C) Activist for women’s rights (D) Sociologist

20 Moulana Ubaidullah Sindhi spoused and preached:
(A) Unitarian philosophy (B) Hindu -Muslim unity (C) Unification of Bengal (D) Separation of Church and stale.

21 The term “Googly” is associated with:
(A) Hockey (B) Football (C) Cricket (D) Tennis (E) Tax laws

22 Which of the following is not true about Ameer Khushro?
(A) Poet (B) Courtier (C) Historian (D) Musician (E) Soldier.

23 NEQS refer to:
(A) Environment (B) Upper atmosphere (C) Sea- bed (D) Continental shelf

24 ICAO’S headquarters are located in:
(A) New York (B) Montreal (C) Ottowa (D) Geneva (E) Brussels

25 ICAO is a U.N, agency dealing with;
(A) White collar crimes (B) Civil Aviation. (C) Main time shipping (D) Drug smuggling

26 FIFA deals with:
(A) Tennis (B) Motor car racing (C) Soccer (D) Baseball (E) cricket.

27 The Tules Rimet Trophy was won by:
(A) Brazil (B) Argentian (C) Italy (D) Germany (B) South Africa

28 Mr. Zuifiquar Ale Bhutto was; –
(A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) CMLA (D) All three.

29 The AGNI is a:
(A) ICBM (B) SSM (medium range) (C) Hindu Cult (D) Indian Political party (E) Name of ship

30The Universal declaration of Human rights was adopted in:
(A) 1948 (B) 1945 (C) 1949 (D) 1928 (E)1956

31. Diego Garcia is home to:
(A) NATO troops (B) British troops (C) US Navy and Air force (D) Indian Navy (E) Australian Navy

32 Ex-President Solobodan Milosovjch is under trial by:
(A) International Court of Justice (B) Special war crimes Tribunal (C) Old Bailey (D) Scottish Court (E) Lincolns Inn

33The fact that heat flows naturally from a hotter body to a cooler body is a consequence of which of the following principles of physics?
(A) Ideal gas law (B) Conservation of charge (C) Conservation of momentum (D) First law of thermodynamics (E) Second law of thermodynamics (Entropy increase)

34 Algebra is derived from……….. language;
(A) Arabic (B) Sanskrit (C) Latin (D) Greek

35 The shortest distance between two points is cabled:
(A) curved line (B) straight line (C) obtuse angle (D) Acute angle,

36 The boiling point of Fahrenheit thermometer is;
(A) 121° (B) 212° (C) 100° (D) Zero

37 Sun is_____ times larger than earth:
(A) 14,00000 (B) 13,0000 (C) 900,000 (D) 11,00000

38 Pakistan is situated in ……….. region:
(A) Post-monsoon (B) Monsoon (C) Cold weather (D) Hot weather

39 The fastest swimming fish is:
(A) Dolphin (B) Whale (C) Shark (D) Star fish.

40 The chemical name of chalk is:
(a) Sodium Hydroxide (B) Calcium Carbonate (C) Calcium sulphate (D) Sodium Bi-carbonate.

41 The term CPU stands for:
(A) Control processing un:-t (B) Central processing unit (C) Copy processing unit (D) correct processing unit

42 Which of the following does not react with a dilute H2, SO4 solution?
(A) NaNo3 (B) Na2 S (C) Na3 PO4 (D) Na2 CO3 (E) NaOH

43 Which of the following gases in Least dense when all are measured under the same conditions.
(A) CO2 (B) Cl2 (C) SO2 (D) H2 (E) NO

44 The oxygen produced during photosynthesis is derived from ;
(A) Glucose (C6 H12 O6) (B) CO2 (C). H2O (D) Ribulose Bisphosphate (E) ATP

45 For which of the following values of k will the value of 3k -1 be greater than 10?
(A) 4 (B) 3 (C)2 (D) 1 (E) 0

46 Which of the following numbers is between 1/5 and 1/4?

(A) 0.14 (B) 0.15 (C) 0.19 (D) 0.21 (E) 0.26

47 If 2x – 10=20, then x –5=
(A) 5 (B) 10 (C) 15 (D) 20 (E) 30

48 If there is no waste, how many square yards of carpeting is needed to cover a rectangular floor that is 12 feet by 18 feet?
(A) 8 (B) 16 (C) 24 (D) 30 (E) 216.

49If the volume of a cube is 8 , what is the shortest distance from the centre of the cube to the base of the cube?
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 4 (D) under root 2 (E) 2 under root 2

50 Most amphibians are characterized by all of the following except:
(A) Simple lungs (B) Multichambered heart (C) eggs protected by shells (D) larvae that developed in water (E) external fertilization

Sunday the 08th September 2002
2.00.P.M. to 3.00.P.M…………………………..Max: marks: 100


1 . Write your NAME, FATHER’S NAME, ROLL NUMBER on Answer sheet only.
2. Write total number of questions attempted in Column provided
3. Use Blue /Black Ball point only
4. Write answers on answer sheet only
5. On completion hand in Answer sheet to Supervisor/Invigilator
Cross appropriate box on answer sheet only.

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