International Relations MCQs with Answers

International Relations

International Relations MCQs with Answers pdf download free. IR most important solved mcqs questions with answers for tests and exams preparation.

(i) Multi-polar system accurately describes the international system between 1648 and 1945, characterized by multiple competing powers.

(ii) 1789 was the year of the French Revolution, a transformative event in European history.

(iii) 1803 marks the estimated milestone of one billion global population, highlighting rapid growth.

(iv) 1919 saw the Versailles Peace Conference, aimed at settling the aftermath of World War I.

(v) 1939 is the infamous year of Germany’s invasion of Poland, sparking World War II.

(vi) July 1944 was the date of the Bretton Woods Conference, establishing a new international monetary system.

(vii) Chapter X of the UN Charter governs the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

(viii) Austria is the home country of former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

(ix) Hans Morgenthau authored the influential book “Politics among Nations,” a classic in international relations theory.

(x) 7 Emirates form the United Arab Emirates, a federation in the Persian Gulf region.

(xi) The Hague in the Netherlands is the seat of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

(xii) 1962 witnessed the tense Cuban Missile Crisis, a defining moment of the Cold War.

(xiii) 1990 is the year of German reunification, marking the end of the division following World War II.

(xiv) 1995 saw the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO), facilitating global trade.

(xv) 2002 was the year Switzerland finally joined the United Nations after years of neutrality.

(xvi) 57 states are currently members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

(xvii) 1964 marked the founding of the African Development Bank, supporting economic development on the continent.

(xviii) 11 members belong to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Zone, fostering regional cooperation.

(xix) Henry Kissinger wrote the renowned book “Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy,” analyzing the complex realities of nuclear deterrence.

(xx) Western Indian Ocean is home to both Mauritius and Seychelles, island nations known for their tourism and natural beauty.

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