Political Science MCQs Questions with Answers pdf

Political Science MCQs

Political Science MCQs Questions with Answers pdf download free for competitive exam preparation. Most important political science solved mcqs for entry test preparation.

When was the Objective Resolution adopted? 1949

Who led the Simla delegation? Sir Agha Khan

Who said “This is the parting of ways?” Quaid-e-Azam

In what year did Pakistan become a Republic? (1956)

What is the quorum of the House of Commons? 40 members

How many judges comprise the Supreme Court of Pakistan? 17 judges

Is the Indian parliament unicameral or bicameral?  Bicameral

How many Senators are in the American Senate?  100 Senators

How many times has the Constitution been abrogated in Pakistan? Twice

What is the tenure of the French President? 5 years

What type of government does Turkey have?  Democratic

The Cultural Revolution in China was aimed at reforming what? Bureaucracy

What type of rule did the Islamic Revolution in Iran usher in? Clergy’s rule

When was the People’s Republic of China established?  1949

Where did power rest in the Soviet Union? Supreme Soviet

How is the House of Lords predominantly composed? Hereditary

When was the Soviet Union established? 1917

When was the USA founded?  1789

How many electors are in the Electoral College in the US?  538 Electors

When was the Eighth Amendment adopted in the Constitution of Pakistan?  1985

Scientific Society was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1864.

Who became the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress? Badaruddin Taiyabji

From 1858 to 1947, the British Government appointed 23 Viceroys in India.

Sind was separated from Bombay in 1936.

Political Science MCQs

Who was the author of Pirpur Report? Nawab Mohammad Ismail Khan, Raja of Pirpur

Who suggested the title of ‘The Quaid-i-Azam’? Maoulana Mazharuddin

When ladies were invited to participate in the Muslim League by the Quaid-i-Azam?

Who named Lahore Resolution as Pakistan Resolution first?

The Quaid-i-Azam resigned from the membership of Imperial Legislative Council on account Rowlat Act.

The ‘Constitution of 1956 of’ Pakistan’ consisted of 234 articles.

The Constitution of 1962 of Pakistan consisted of 250 articles.

The 1982 Constitution of Turkey comprises of 177 articles. –

The English Constitution is a dynamic organism.

In England the Queen reins but does not govern.

Civil Servant thrives under the cloak of ministerial responsibility”.

The American Supreme Court is the third chamber of the Congress.

The Presidium is an interesting innovation of the Soviet Constitution..

The Indian Constitution has set up democratic federal government.

The highest organ of State power in former USSR was the Supreme Soviet.

The Stalin Constitution had created “a ___________ in form but not in fact”.

Despotism means:  Rule of individual without law

Machiavelli was a:  Monarchist

Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Soviet Union under Stalin are examples of:  Totalitarian rule

Parliamentary and presidential systems differ in the relationship between:  legislature & executive

“Law is the command of sovereign” was said by:  John Austin

The first Muslim president of the Indian National Congress was: Badruddin Tayyab gi

The American president shot for violating Senatorial courtesy was:  Garfeild

The Pendleton Act introduced competitive government recruitment in USA in:  1883

On November 15th, 1777, America created a:  Confederation

The current Turkish constitution was drafted by:  Grand National Assembly

The Bolshevik Revolution took place in the USSR in:  1917

The quorum of the House of Lords is:  3

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council was set up by the Act of:  1833

Lords lost their right to vote by proxy in:  1868

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