CSS Political Science MCQs Papers

Political Science MCQs
(1) He is known as the major theorist of bureaucracy:
Max Weber

(2) Cultural Revolution in China was launched under the leadership of:
Mao dzedung

(3) Collective responsibility is a feature of:
Parliamentary form

(4) Decentralization is a feature of:
Federal System

(5) Dictatorship of the Proletariat is one of the concepts of:
Karl Marx

(6) The general Will is the political concept of:
J. J. Rousseau

(7) ‘Leviathan’ is written by:
Thomas Hobbes

(8) “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by:
John Locke

(9) “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by:
Professor Garner

(10) Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of:
Al Ghazali

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