1st Year Biology MCQs with Answers pdf download

Biology MCQS

1st year Biology mcqs with answers pdf download for entry test preparation BS Nursing, KMU CAT and MDCAT. 11th Class Biology MCQS for entry tests and admission tests exams.

1) Cenozoic is the era of:-

(A) Fishes (B) Amphibians (C) Reptiles ©) Mammals

2) In animals fatty acids are:

(A) Branched Chain (B) Straight Chain (C) Ringed Chain (D) Ringed and branched Chain

3) Which one is essential material for co-enzyme:

A) Vitamins (B) Lipids (C) Proteins (D) Carbohydrates

4) Omnis cellula-e-cellula was hypothesized by: —

(A) Weismann (B) Oken (C)Virchow (D) Lamarack

5) About 60% of Adults are immune to disease:

(A) Measles (B) Mumps (C) Influenza (D) Polio

6) Bacteria divide at exponential rate during the phase;

(A) Decline (B) Stationary (C) Log (D) Lag

7) Algae which take part in building coral reefs alongwith coral animals are:

(A) Green algae (B) Brown algae (C) Red algae (D) Blue green algae

8) Citric acid is obtained from the species of:

(A) Penicillium  (B)  Aspergillus (C) Saccharomyces (D) Neurospora

9) The ovule of the angiosperm can be called:

A)An  integumented megasporangium (B) Megasporangium (C) Microsporangium (D) Mega gametangius

10) The larva of echinoderms is called:

(A) Planaria ) (B) Bipinnaria (C) Valiger (D) Trochophore

11) Mammals had evolved from reptilian ancestor: _

(A) Brantosaurus (B) Ichthyosaurus C) Cotylosaurs (D) Varanope

12) During photorespiration glycine is converted into serine in organelle

(A) Peroxisome (B) Ribosomes (C) Chloroplast (D) Mitochondria

13) Chlorophyll do not reflect;

(A) Green wavelength  (B) Blue wavelength (C) Indigo wavelength (D)-Yellow wavelength

14) During Kreb’s cycle succinate is converted into:

(A) Fumarate (B) Malate (C) Oxaloacetate (D) Citrate

15) The volume of blood in a body weight of 60 kgs is:

(A) 8 litres (B) 7 litres (C) 6 litres (D)5 litres

16) Sarracenia pupurea is a scientific name of:

A) Pitcher Plant (B) Venus fly trap (C) Sundew (D) Leguminous plant

17) The protective membrane of human heart is:

(A) Epicardium (B) Endocardium (C) Myocardium (D) Pericardium

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