ADLR Past Exam Papers PDF

Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Land Record Officer Past Papers

1.    First Cons us in Pakistan was held in: (A) 1948 0.
2.    Soil erosion can be prevented by
3.    Synonym of OPPORTUNE
4.    In 1867 the USA purchased Alaska from
5.    Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was promulgated In
6.    The President issues an ordinance, when the Parliament is not In session on the Advice of Prone
7.    “Hollywood”. the center of American film industry Is located in the state
8.    The Indian National Congress was founded on the Initiative of
9.    South Africa. also called the Rainbow Nation. has official languages
10.    Ijma means
11.    Who held the portfolio of Finance In the first cabinet of Pakistan
12.    The famous French football player ZimiclIne Zidane originally belonged to
13.    Physiotherapy is a curative method for
14.    The third battle of Panipat was fought between
15.    What was the evil practiced by the people of Sodom and Gomorrah?
16.    Alia parted ————her parents in tears.
17.    A man walks 3km to his East then turns left and walks 3 Km towards North then turns left and walks 3 Km towards west. Indicate the correct direction in which he Is In rotation to his starting point:
18.    What was the name given to India’s Partition Plan?
19.    The name of laughing gas is
20.    Programs written to make computer functions in a desired way are called
21.    Where was the first fifa Football world cup played
22.     To cut a word in MS Word which combination of keys is used
23.    In which country koh-eadam is located
24.    The US consists of states
25.    The incident of APSC Peshawar took place on
26.    Dr Christian Barnard belongs to
27.    Which gas is known as dry ice
28.    Second battle of Panipat was beteen
29.    Find Correctly punctuated sentence
30.    The theory of natural selection in evolution by
31.    Mahmud ghaznvi was son of
32.    Justice delayed is justice
33.    Synonym of inveigh
34.    Kigali is the capital of
35.    Divisible by 127
36.    If day before yesterday was Saturday them day after tomorrow will be
37.    The romans triumphed———–the Greeks
38.    Mouse is a device
39.    The appointment of chief justice of Pakistan is made by
40.    Eligible people for zakat are mentioned in surah
41.    Napoleon Bonaparte defeated in battle
42.    Which word is different
43.    Shortcut key for print is
44.    Where is Hazrat Nizamudi Ullia is buried
45.    When a gas turns into a liquid the process is called
46.    What is next 3,4,7,8,11,12,
47.    Synonym of Nonchalant
48.    Cryptology is the study of
49.    Shab-e-Maraj falls on
50.    Current Chairmain of the joint of chiefs os staff committee
51.    Quito is capital of    Next Page Visit here

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