Assistant Food Controller Past Papers


Assistant Food Controller Past Paper

1. Which was Populous city of Pak at the time of creation 1947?
2. Who produce film on Quaid “Jinnah”?
3. Punjab Govt. installing Coal project with China at?
4. What is meant by FIQAH?
5. What is meant by INFAQ?
6. Who won last FIFA world cup?
7. Real name of Ibn-e-Safi?
8. Who wrote book “Jinnah to Zia”?
9. Shikwa or Jawab-e-Shikwa Iqbal ki kis book me he?

10. Think and Grow Rich is written by?
11. Second five year plan?
12. Last Umayyad Caliph was?
13. Headquarter of International Court of Justice?
14. Dick Cheney was the?
15. In 1909 which reforms were presented?
16. Where all RTC were held?
17. Where Quaid presented his 14 points?
18. Isa rul Sanadid wrote by ?
19. A tale of two cities related to?
20. Who was reltated to Russian revolution?
21. Which country head visit to Pakistan first?
22. Mountbaten succeeded by ?
23. Alexander the great invasion of india?
24. Davis cup is related to which game?
25. Pak won T20 in?
26. Who offered to become granter in Kashmir Issue recently?
27. China became independent country in?
28. Shikra famous for?
29. Which give portents?
30. Who is Jeo Baiden is ?
. Ibrahim Lincon was the President of USA?
32. OIC 2nd summit in Pakistan?
33. Who got Lenin award?
34. Major object of Pak foreign Policy?
35. Best fore-import commodity item of Pakistan?
36. Largest industry of Pakistan?
37. Pakistan Only Voice President?
38. How many years Holly Prophet SAW spend in Makka?
39. Badar took place in?
40. Longest Surah in Quran?
41. First reveled Surah of Quran?
42. Urdu ki pehly nassri kitan?
43. Pakistan Purchase Gawadar from?
44. Captan cook was?
45. Accra is the capital of?
46. Currency of Australia?
47. Al Fateh-al-Sisi is is General of?
48. Faormusa is old name of?
49. Aung Sang Sui is leader of ?
50. Mayanmar is new name of ?
51. Abdullah bin Muhammad is the president of?
52. First women prime minister of World?
53. Union Jack is the flag of?
54. Which country celebrating 60ht victory against USA on 26 july 2013?
55. 1 trillion is equal to?
56. Abdullah Husaain Urdu k mashor?
57. How many articles for Muslims?
58. America Leavs Afghanistan in?
59. Russia Afghan War ended through?
60. Pakistan signed first agreement with USA?
61. KBG is the secret agency of?
62. Law of gravity by?
63. Capital of Morocco?
64. First translation of the Quran in which language?
65. First Urdu translation of Quran by?
66. Who collected the most Ahadees?
67. Last Month of Islamic calendar?
68. Ushar means?
69. Which is minimum worth of usher on well-irrigated land?
70. Vir Chakra is the highest military award of?
71. Wrong spelling-
72. Point the Finger to someone treated as?
73. Antonym described?
74. Meteorology is the study of?
75. Fort Bala Hassar is situated in?
76. National flower of Pakistan?
77. Which is human rights organization?

78. Who was the founder of Khaksar Tehreek?
79. Heathrow is the airport of?
80. India wins freedom written by?
81. Sind Tas agreement?
82. Largest building of the world?
83. Toba Tek Singh kis ne likhi?
84. Al Razi was a?
85. Animosity means?
86. Green eyed means?
87. One who always looks at the bright side of things called?
88. Majlis ia a Parliament of?
89. Which continent is most populated?
90. Zaboor revealed on?
91. Hyde Park related to?
92. Leading the day?
93. Pehla Sahb-e-Diwan Shair?
94. En me Zarbul Misal konsi he?
95. En Books me se kon si Fraz Ahmad Fraz kin he he?
96. Who called the Keats of Urdu poetry?
97. Meanings of Proletarian?

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