British History
(1) France recognized William as the King of England by Treaty of:

(A) Augsburg
(B) Ryswick (1697) (C) Vienna
(D) None of these

(2) War between England and France from 1689-1697 is known as the war of:
(A) English Succession(B) French Succession
(C) Spanish Succession
(D) None of these

(3) The war of Spanish Succession started in:

(A) 1700
(B) 1701
(C) 1702(D) None of these

(4) Who was given the title of Duke of Marlborough?

(A) John Churchill(B) John Chancellor
(C) John Marshall
(D) None of these

(5) George 1 was the son of:

(A) Anne
(B) Elizabeth
(C) Sophia(D) None of these

(6) Who was the leader of Jacobite Revolt in Scotland?

(A) Earl of Marx(B) Earl of Stanford
(C) Earl of Edwards
(D) None of these

(7) Stanhope (1716-1721) the Prime Minister of England belonged to which party:

(A) Tory
(B) Whig(C) Labour
(D) None of these

(8) George 2 became king of England in:

(A) 1723
(B) 1725
(C) 1727(D) none of these

(9) The word ‘Whig’ means:

(A) Dacoit
(B) Intelligent
(C) Rebel (Wheyface, Abhorer also) (D) None of these

(10) George 3 created a new group which was called:

(A) King’s friends(B) King’s supported
(C) King’s loyalists
(D) none of these

(11) Who was the author of “Treatise on civil Governments”?

(A) Filmer
(B) Hobbes
(C) John Locke(D) None of these

(12) Who was the Prime Minister of England during the War of Jenkin’s Ear?

(A) Pitt the younger
(B) Pitt the elder
(C) Walpole (D) none of these

(13) War of Austrian Succession ended in 1748 by the treaty of:

(A) Paris
(B) London
(C) Aix-la-Chapele(D) None of these

(14) Who was appointed as Prime Minister after Pitt the elder resigned in 1761?

(A) Bute(B) Wellington
(C) Walpole
(D) None of these

(15) Who was known as the “Drill Sergeant” of the Whig Party?

(A) Disraeli
(B) Gladstone
(C) Peel(D) None of these

(16) What was the amount of the annual pension of Walpole when he resigned in 1742?

(A) 4000 pounds(B) 6000 pounds
(C) 8000 pounds
(D) None of these

(17) The national debt of England in 1721 was:

(A) 51 million pounds
(B) 53 million pounds
(C) 55 million pounds 

(D) none of these

(18) Walpole died in:

(A) 1741 A.D
(B) 1743 A.D
(C) 1745 A.D (March 18th)(D) None of these

(19) The seven years war came to an end by the treaty of:

(A) Brunswick
(B) London
(C) Paris(D) None of these

(20) Edmund Burke became a member of British Parliament in:

(A) 1764
(B) 1766
(C) 1768
(D) None of these (December 1765)

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