General Knowledge Tests
Business Administration Solved MCQS Past Papers

i) You wish to borrow $ 8000 to be repaid in 24 monthly installments at an annual interest rate of 8%. What is your monthly payment?

a) $ 262.82 b) $ 361.82 c) $ 150.5 d) $ 325.00 e) none

ii)If you invest $ 600 every six months at 8% compounded semi annually, how much would you accumulate at the end of 10 years?

a) $15,883.20 b) $ 16,926.82 c)$ 17, 866.85 d) $ 18,233.45 e) None

iii) A commercial bank will loan you $ 12,250 for three years to by a car. The loan must be repaid in 36 equal monthly payments. The annual interest rate on the loan is 12% of the unpaid balance. How large are the monthly payments?

a) $425.00 b) $350.67 c) $375.09 d) $406.88 e)none

iv) What is the future value of $500 investment, with a stated rate of 6% compounded monthly for 7 years.

a) 700 b) 730 c)760 d)790 e) none

v) You are considering investing in a preferred stock that has a dividend of $ 3.25 per share. The market price of this stock is $ 48.625. What is the rate of return you would expect to make on this perpetuity?

a) 6.68% b) 6.24% c) 6.05% d) 6.28% e) none

vi) What is not a disadvantage of traditional file processing system?

a) Program-data dependence b) Reduce data redundancy c) Limited data sharing d) Lengthy development time e)none

vii) An enterprise data model is a (n) _______ model.

a) numerical b) mathematical c) narrative d) graphical e)none

viii) Which is not a component of relational database?

a) Entity b) Table c) Attribute d)hierarchy e) none

ix) Data base application can be divided into 5 categories. which is NOT a database application category?

a) Personal b) Department c) Enterprise d) Relational e) none

x) A data base that supports organization wide operations and decision making is a (n) ________ database.

a) department b) enterprise c) work group d) extra-net e) none

xi) As small companies begin to achieve success, they ten to adopt some of the tools used in professionally run marketing commas. This is a sign that the firm is in the ________ stage of marketing practice.

a) Entrepreneurial marketing b) formulated marketing c) intrapreneurial marketing d) effective marketing e) none

xii)The concept of a _______ is used to describe a cluster of complementary products that are closely related in the minds of the consumers but are spread across a diverse set of industries.

a) Metamarket b)Metamediary c) Market place d) Marketspace e) none

xiii) Marketers can increase the value of customers offering by:

a) raising benefits and reducing cost
b) raising benefits by more than raising the cost
c) lowering benefits by less than the reduction in cost
d) All of the above can increase the customers value

xiv) When a firm sees its competitors as all companies that compete for the same consumer dollars, they are concerned with the ________ level of competition.

a) brand b) industry c) form d) generic e) none

xv) The number of channel levels from raw material to final product which a company will participate defines the firm’s _________ scope.

a) industry b) geographical c) vertical d) competence e) none

xvi) Which of the following best describes the organizational members who integrate and coordinate the work of others?

a) Managers b) Operatives c) Subordinates d) Customers e) all of these

xvii)_________ represent the lowest level of management

a) Team leaders b) First line managers c) Operatives d) Laborers e) none

xviii) Which of the following roles is more important for lower-level managers than for either middle or top-level managers?

a) Negotiator b) Leader c) Coordinator d) Entrepreneur e)none

xix) Which of the following skills involve working well with other people?

a) Technical b) Human c) Computer d) Empirical e) none

xx) The phrase most associated with scientific management is ________?

a)Management Relations b) one of the best c) supply and demand d) quality control e) none


i) b (loan amortization)
ii) c (annuity)
iii) (this is a question of amortization schedule and pretty lengthy and am in no mood to solve it
iv) (again havn’t solved it but can be solved by annuity formula)
v) a
vi) a
vii) d
viii) d
ix) c (is what i did and am not sure about this)
x) b
xi) b
xii) b ( metamarket is a place where metamediary is done)
xiii) a ( i wanted to mark d but unfortunately marked a value= benefit/ cost)
xiv) b
xv) c
xvi) a
xvii) b
xviii) e (Because the are more into the technical side)
xix) b
xx) d

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