Business Administration
1) The three stages of marketing practices through which a company may pass are entrepreneurial marketing, formulate marketing and entrepreneurial marketing.
2) The continual segmenting or fragmenting of markets impedes the new product development process.
3) Reverse-flow channels refer to situations where one channel level acquires a level back in the channel, such as Sears owning its own suppliers
4) Planning is concerned with defining an organization’s goals and objectives and how to integrate and coordinate activities.
5) Leadership and management are two terms for the same process.
6) Effective control systems monitor everything happening in the organization.
7) In informal planning, the organization’s objectives are rarely verbalized.
8) The trait approach to leadership has identified a specific set of personality characteristics that determine leader success.
9) A brand is an offering from a known source.
10) The concept of compounding deals with finding the future value of a present sum.
11) Short term creditors would be most interested in the firm’s of leverages ratios.
12) Working capital management includes in part the administration of case, marketable securities, receivables and inventories.

(B) Write only the correct answers:

13) Which of the following is NOT one of the four specific drivers that underpin the new economy?
a. Industry convergence
b. Disintermediation and reintermediation
c. Customer delivered value
d. Customization and customerization
e. Digitalization and connectivity

14) ___ lays out the target markets and viable propositions that organization will offer based on an analysis of the best market opportunities
a. the strategic market plan
b. the portfolio analysis
c. the human resource plan
d. the tactical marketing plan
e. marketing research

15) the attractiveness of a market offering is based:
a. on the product, its placement, its price and its promotion
b. on the match between customer needs and wants and distribution and pricing of the product
c. almost entirely on the product being offered
d. on product features and quality, services mix and quality, and price appropriateness
e. entirely on the match between perceived product and actually product

16) high levels of efforts are unlikely to lead to favourable job performance unless:
a. technology is also considered
b. quality of the effort is also considered
c. team work is also considered
d. management efforts are also considered

17) In order to bring about effective organizational change, changes in technology need to be accompanied by making changes in _____:
a. Strategies
b. Structure
c. People
d. Both (b) and (c)

18) A capital investment is one that:
a. has the prospect of short term benefits
b. has the prospect of long term benefits
c. is only undertaken by large corporations with large amounts of capital
d. applies only to investment is fixed assets

19) If the general level of interest rates rises, the prices of already issue bonds will:
a. Rise
b. Remain unchanged
c. Fall
d. Fluctuate

20) If the EOQ for an item decreases, the average level of inventory will:
a. Decrease
b. Increase
c. Remain the same
d. There is no relationship between EOQ and inventory levels

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