CSS Law Syllabus

CSS Syllabus for all Subjects

I. Definitions of Crime

II. All Provisions of:
i. Concept of arbitration, arbitration with or without intervention of court and in civil
ii. Establishment of Civil Courts with their Original & Appellate Jurisdiction.

iii. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

iv. Pakistan Panel Code, 1860

v. Qanun-e-Shahdat Order, 1984

vi. Criminal Procedure Code, 1898


S.No. Title Author

1.Pakistan Panel Code, 1860 M. Mahmood

2.Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 Shaukat Mahmood

3.Law of Evidence Justice (R) Khalid ur Rahman Khan

as adapted form Principles and

Digest of the Law of Evidence by M.Monir

4.Qanun-e-Shahdat Order, 1984

5.The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Aamir Raza A. Khan

6.The Arbitration Laws in Pakistan M. Mahmood

7.Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 Nisar Ahmad Nisar

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