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PPSC DZO Past Paper 2011

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Paper on 22-12-2014 Please correct the wrong answer in comments
1. Favourite game of Jinnah was Billiard.
2. Largest island of the world Australia
3. Formation of British Commonwealth 1931/1947 ?
4. Pak became member of the UNO 30 Sept. 1947
5. Jerusalem is the sacred city for all (muslims,Christians,jews)
6. Euro currency was launched 01-07-1999 (1st Jan 1999 being near)
7. Coastal line of Afghanistan Zero
8. Pashtun population in Af. is 54%
9. First Chief Justice of Pak Abdul Rasheed
10. In Republic, head of the State is President
11. Lady of the Lamp is Florence
12. Sea-horse is a fish
13. Weight of brain of a female is 44 ounce
14. Weight of brain of a male is 48.6 /49 ounce
15. Krona is the currency of Norway
16. Length of Siachin is 72 km
17. Military division b/w India & Pak was 36:64
18. Pak won cricket world cup 1992
19. We inhale CO2 0.04 %
20. No. of bones 206
21. Strongest muscle of man is jaw
22. HQ of UNSC is New York
23. First dam built by Pak Warsak (1960)
24. Oldest barrage of Pak is Sukkur
25. Length of the Indus River is 2803 km
26. First census in Pak was held in 1951
27. Britain Indian Association by Syed Ameer Ali ? Gandhi, Sir Sayed? Jinnah?
28. Dismemberment of USSR 1991
29. India referred Kashmir to the UN October 1947
30. Unanimous leader of the Muslims to address UN Zia-ul-Haq
31. Who framed 1956 Constitution Ch. M. Ali
32. Writer of national anthem Hafiz Jalandhri
33. Formation of One Unit 1955
34. 1st Nishan-e-Haider Captain Sarwar (1948)
35. Share of forest in Pak 3.6%
36. 1st Country to recognize Pak Iran
37. Red Cliff by profession was Lawyer
38. Women joined Muslim League 1937
39. Pak joined Atomic Club 28 May 1998
40. Pir Pur Report submitted by Raja Mehdi
41. Lahore Resolution called ‘Pak Res’ by begum M. Ali Johar
42. Who abrogated 1956 Constitution Iskandar Mirza
43. Pak joined NAM 1979
44. 1st Civilian CMLA Bhutto
45. Islam as State Religion 1973 Constitution
46. Bicameral system introduced in 1973
47. 1st president of Pak Iskandar Mirza
48. Jinnah called ‘Right hand man’ Liaqat Ali Khan
49. Jinnah resigned from the Congress 1920
50. Pak joined Anglo-American Defence pact 1954
51. Objective Resolution passed in March 1949
52. Coastal line of Pakistan 750 miles (1046 km)
53. 1st session of Constituent Assembly 11 August 1947
54. Balochistan became province 1970
55. Islamabad became capital in 1960
56. 1st Governor of the Punjab Sir Francis Mudie
57. 1st C-in-C of Pak Frank Meserve
58. UK people voted for Scotland independence 25%
59. Storage capacity of Mangla dam 1242 ft
60. Recently capacity of Mangla dam was raised 30 ft


61. Who can allow exemption from Zakat None
62. Zakat is liable to (Collector, Travellers, Slaves>all)
63. Zakat irrigated by buckets nill
64. Ushar is how many % 10%
65. Zakat can be used on (Poor & Needy, Debtors, Deeni Madrassah > All)
66. Fatrana is imposed on new born child before Eid Sunrise
67. Can bad food be offered as fitrana? Certainly Not
68. What can be given as Fitrana? Grain
69. Insane is liable to fitrana? Not compulsory
70. Fitrana of orphan to be paid by? On whom he is dependent
71. Fitrana of a Minor is to be paid by? Father
72. Will newly convert liable to fitrana? Compulsory
73. Fitrana is to be paid by? after Sunrise of Eid
74. Honey, if a trade commodity, Zakat? 2.5 %
75. Zakat on horses was imposed by? Hazrat Usman? (It was nt option)
76. How many Oxen are zakat free? Less than 30
77. Sheep or goats are zakat free? Less than 40
78. Camels are zakat free? Less than 5
79. Which animal is not liable for zakat? Elephants
80. On 200 Dirhams, zakat will be? 5 dirham
81. How many women included in Local Zakat C. 2
82. Members of LZC? All must be Muslims
83. Total Members of LZC? 9
84. Minimum age of member woman? 45 years
85. Sec. General of Central Zakat Fund is? Administrator General
86. Ulemas in Central Zakat Council? 3
87. Auditors of Provincial Zakat Fund appointed by? Governor
88. Auditors of Central Zakat fund appointed by? Auditor General
89. Usher is received in the form of? Cash
90. Usher is exempted if less than ¼ acre
91. What is usher to Muslims,___ to non-Muslims Kharaj
92. How many Distt. Zakat Committess in Punjab? 35
93. Zakat can be given to? (Mustahqeen, Guzara allowance, deeni madrassah > all)
94. Ministry of religious affairs disburses Zakat on the basis of population
95. Actual distributor of zakat is? Local Zakat Committees
96. Account of Central Zakat Fund? 08- Central Zakat Fund
97. Zakat cannot be received from? Dead, Non-Pakistani, Non- Muslim > All
98. Can Zakat Ordinance be challenged? Its Immune from challenge
99. Main objective of Zakat? To help the needy
100. Zakat Ordinance promulgated on? 20 June 1980

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