Education MCQs


Education is derived from a latin word ?

Educere means ?
to draw out

“Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body” is the saying of ?

The best definition of education is that it is ?
growth resulting from experiences

Education accoding to john dewey is ?
learning to do by doing

Which of the following is not the characteristic of education ?
Factual absorption

The basic source of educational objectives is ?
human experience

According to crow and crow the purpose of formal education is to ?
make students active and constructive members of society

Determining the aim of education is the responsibility of ?

The real goal of education should be ?
acquiring skills habbits and knowledge

Education planned with a particular end in view is ?
Formal education

Non formal education has ?
Flexible rules of entery and exit

Formal education has ?
Rigid rules of entery and exit

Informal education has ?
No rules of entery and exit

The education confined to educational institution is ?
Formal education

Education is imparted mostly by correspondence in ?
Non formal education

Education is not pre planned in ?
Informal education

Informal education is ?
Life long

What is the most important element of non formal education ?

Which one is not the source of formal education ?

Informal education is ?

Formal education has well defined ?

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