English Literature Solved MCQs for CSS

English Literature

(1) Shakespeare’s Hamlet is
A tragedy

(2) Earnest Hamingway has written

Old Man and the Sea

(3) Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels?

Jonathan Swift

(4) Which of the following is not a dramatist?


(5) Which of the following is not a play by Shakespeare?

Dr. Faustus

(6) E. M. Foster is a

(7) “The Pickwick Papers” is a novel by:

Charles Dickens

(8) Who wrote “Jane Eyre”?

Charlotte Bronte

(9) After whom is the Elizabethan Age named?


(10) What is the name of Wordsworth’s long poem?

The Prelude

(11) A poem mourning someone’s death is called:


(12) Which of the following is not a tragedy written by Shakespeare?

Merchant of Venice

(13) Who wrote “The Second Coming”?

W. B. Yeats

(14) What period in English Literature is called the “Augustans Age”?

Early 18th Century

(15) Which play among the following plays is not blank verse?


(16) Which one of the following writers is not woman?

Robert Browning

(17) Who is the villain in “Hamlet”?


(18) Who kills Macbeth in the play “Macbeth”?

(19) Which is the last of Shakespeare’s great tragedies?

King Lear

(20) Who is the heroine of Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”?


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