English MCQS Notes for CSS PMS

English Literature

(i) In Greek tragedy irony and _____ are fused into one.
(a) Allegory (b) Idealism (c) Imagery (d) Satire (e) None of these
(ii) Joseph Andrews was written by:
(a) Richardson (b) Defoe (c) Fielding (d) Bunyan (e) None of these
(iii) Shakespeare was born in:
(a) 1570 (b) 1601 (c) 1547 (d) 1564 (e) None of these
(iv) ‘The Wheel of Fire’ a criticism was written by:
(a) Bradley (b) W. Knight (c) Hazlitt (d) Dryden (e) None of these
(v) Kubla Khan was written by:
(a) Wordsworth (b) ST. Coleridge (c) Shelley (d) Keats (e) None of these
(vi) G. B. Shaw began his literary career first as:
(a) Journalist (b) Novelist (c) Dramatist (d) Critic (e) None of these
(vii) W. B. Yeats was born in:
(a) 1914 (b) 1856 (c) 1865 (d) 1838 (e) None of these
(viii) Jane Austen’s work is transfused with the spirit of:
(a) Classicism (b) Puritanism (c) Idealism (d) Rationalism (e) None of these
(ix) The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot is an:
(a) Ode (b) Elegy (c) Allegory (d) Epic (e) None of these
(x) Waiting for Godot by S. Beckett was originally written in:
(a) Italian (b) Spanish (c) German (d) French (e) None of these
(xi) The _____ age tended to favour the taste and search for truth in art:
(a) Classical (b) Romantic (c) Victorian (d) Elizabethan (e) None of these
(xii) Maud and Inmemoriam were written by:
(a) Tennyson (b) Keats (c) Pope (d) Shelley (e) None of these
(xiii) Tennyson was born in:
(a) 1809 (b) 1798 (c) 1709 (d) 1890 (e) None of these
(iii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be
(xiv) _____ has a super abundant wealth of words and superfluous ornaments.
(a) Hyperbole (b) Metaphor (c) Rhetoric (d) Overtone (e) None of these
(xv) Keats’s aestheticism was later turned into:
(a) Romanticism (b) Pre-Raphaelitism (c) Idealism (d) Anglicanism (e) None of these
(xvi) _____ is the animating force in the work of Charlotte Bronte:
(a) Idealism (b) Romanticism (c) Lyricism (d) Radicalism (e) None of these
The Wilde Swans at Coole is first great collection of poems of:
(a) W. Lewis (b) Yeats (c) E. Sitwell (d) D. H. Lawrence (e) None of these
T. S. Eliot was born in:
(a) 1887 (b) 1888 (c) 1817 (d) 1870 (e) None of these
(xix) Jane Eyre was written by:
(a) J. Austen (b) G. Eliot (c) C. Bronte (d) Emile Bronte (e) None of these
(xx) Ophelia, Julia, Viola, Imogen are the characters created by:
(a) Richardson (b) Fielding (c) Hardy (d) Shakespeare (e) None of these

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