ETEA PST Syllabus MCQS Past Papers pdf

ETEA Jobs MCQs Syllabus Papers

ETEA PST Syllabus MCQS Past Papers pdf

ETEA Test Syllabus for PST will be consists of mcqs paper having following distribution

English 25%

Math 25%

General Science 25%

Social Studies 15%

Pedagogy 10%

Which is the Largest continent?
Ans: Asia

Which is the Largest ocean?
Ans:Pacific Ocean

Which is the Largest island?

Which is highest Mountain Peak?
Ans: Mount Everest (Nepal)

Which is highest Mountain Range?
Ans:Himalayas (Asia)

Which is the Smallest planet

What is the lowest Water Level?
Ans:Dead Sea

What is nearest Planet (to the Sun)

Which is the farthest Planet (from the Sun)?

Which is the coldest Planet?

Which is the brightest planet?

What is the largest Day?
Ans:June 21

What is the shortest Day?
Ans: December 22

Which is the largest Desert ?
Ans: Sahara (Africa)

What is the deepest Lake?
Ans:Baikal (Siberia)

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