Everyday Science Notes for CSS

Everyday Science MCQs

26. Myopia is a disease connected with

A. Ears
B. Eyes
C. Lungs
D. Brain

27. Leukemia is a disease of the

A. Lungs
B. Blood
C. Skin
D. Nerves

28. Short-sightedness can be corrected by using

A. Convex lens
B. Concave lens
C. Convex-concave lens
D. Concave-convex lens

29. Trachoma is a disease of the

A. Liver
B. Eyes
C. Lungs
D. Kidneys

30. Match the following

Column I Column II

A. Beriberi 1. Vitamin A
B. Scurvy 2. Vitamin B
C. Rickets 3. Vitamin C
D. Night Blindness 4. Vitamin D


(a) 3 2 1 4

(b) 2 1 3 4

(c) 2 3 4 1

(d) 2 3 1 4

31. Typhoid and cholera are typical examples of

A. Infectious diseases
B. Air-borne disease
C. Water-borne disease
D. None of these

32. Pyorrhea is a disease of the

A. Nose
B. Gums
C. Heart
D. Lungs

33. Lack of what causes diabetes.

A. Sugar
B. Insulin
C. Calcium
D. Vitamins

34. Appendix is appendix is a part of

A. Small intestine
B. Large intestine
C. Stomach
D. Liver

35. Match the following columns

Column I Column II

A. Cataract 1. Bones
B. Jaundice 2. Eyes
C. Diabetes 3. Liver
D. Arthritis 4. Pancreas


(a) 2 3 4 1

(b) 2 3 1 4

(c) 1 3 4 2

(d) 3 2 4 1

36. Bronchitis is a disease of which of the following organs?

A. Blood
B. Bladder
C. Liver
D. Respiratory tract

37. ECG is used for the diagnosis of aliments of

A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Kidneys
D. Lungs

38. Biopsy is done on

A. Tissues taken from a dead body
B. Tissues taken form a living body
C. Blood from veins
D. Blood from arteries

39. Barium is used for

A. Checking blood group
B. X-ray of alimentary canal
C. X-ray of brain
D. None of these

40. Dialysis is used for the treatment of

A. Kidney failure
B. Heart weakness
C. Brain diseases
D. None of these

26. b 27. b 28. b 29. b 30. c
31. c 32. b 33. b 34. b 35. a
36. d 37. b 38. b 39. b 40. a

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