Everyday Science Test of SPSC

Everyday Science MCQs

Fill in the blanks:
1) The branch of zoology, which deals with the study of insects is called __________
2) The disease _________is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine).
3) Oil rises in a wick of oil lamp because of a property of matter, called ________
4) The production of generally identical reproduction is called as ________
5) ___________ is the fastest planet of the solar system.
6) Mercury metal is _________ times heavier than water.
7) Relative density of milk is measured by an instrument known as __________
8) The temperature of a human body is measured by an instrument known as _________
9) Gold and silver are known as _________ metals.
10) The amount of ozone in the atmosphere is expressed in __________.

a)The variation in the blood flow can be heard with an instrument called __

b)There is a place in the retina where the light sensitive cells are interrupted by the presence of the optic nerve head. It is known as __
(c) The study of human population is called __.

(d) Human beings belong to species called ___ .

(e) defect of eye due to which nearly located objects arc not clearly visible is called __ .

(f) About _ __ _ of the human body consists of water.

(g) All of the oxygen that you breathe has been produced by the splitting of water during __ ___.

(h) The important ore of Chromium is _.

(i) _ __ acid was discovered by Jabbar bin Hayyan.

(j) The measurement of rainfall is made by an instrument known as _.

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