Excise Inspector Sample Papers

Practice Test
31. Nicosia is the capital city of

a. Cyprus      b. Ghana    c. Chili        d. Zimbabwe

32. What is the currency of Fiji

a.Rial      b.Dollar     c.Euro     d.Taka

33. Which is the lowest point at eath

a.Nile    b. Caspian sea    c. dead sea     d.Pacific

34. Formosa was the old name of

a.Sri lanka        b. Taiwan      c. Fiji    d.Cuba

35. whare is the Grand coulee dam

a. USA     b.UK    c.China     d.India

36. which is the longest day of the year

a.21 may    b.21 april    c.22 june         d.21june

37.the longest river of the world  is in

a.Iraq   b.Pakistan   c.Egypt      d.Jordan

38.Which city is called gateway of india

a. Delhi       b. Mumbai       c. Calcutta       d. Agra

39. Which mountain ranges is situated in Europe

a.alaska      b.andes     c.atlas   d.alps

40. the parliament of iran is called

a. Assembly    b.house     c.majlis        d.aewan

41.the commonwealth consists of members

a.53      b.55         c.56       d.52

42. where is the headquarter of INTERPOL

a. USA        b.Brazil       c.Spain       d.France

43. which is the official language of UNO

a.english        b.arabic     c.spanish       d.all of them

44. First secretary general of UNO belongs to

a. France     b.Norway    c.Brazil      d.switzerland

45. Where is the headquarter if IAEA

a.Paris        b.Geneva        c.New York        d. Vienna

46. second summit of OIC was held in

a.islamabad      b.karachi     c.lahore        d.Peshawar

47. How many countries are members of SAARC

a. 7        b.8       c.9         d.10

48. the length of river nile is KM

a. 5560        b.7989         c.6650        d.6166

49. who is the runner up of first world cup hockey

a. Pakistan  b.spain         c.Germany    d.Brazil

50. 7 april is observed as

a. water day            b. women day       c.health day   d. no smoking day

51. Victory medal is the highest military award of

 a. UK           b.China        c.Japan        d.USA

52. Which is the smallest ocean of the world

a. Pacific     b. atlantic        c.indian    d. arctic

53. Mat is associated with the game of

a.Golg       b.Cycling       c.Baseball   d.Judo

54.Judo is the national game of

a.USA  B.China      c.France     d.Japan

55. How many players are in the game of baseball in a team

a.8          b.9          c.6            d.5

56. Hayat-i-Jawid is written by

a.Hali        b.allama Iqbal     c.Shaikh sadi       d.Jawid Hussain

57. Shahnama is written by

a.Jalandhry       b.Firdusi     c.Hali         d.iqbal

58. Odyssey (Greek) is written by

a.Homer         b.Dante       c.Milton          d.Keats

59. age of earth in millions is

a.5000         b.4550      c.4450       d.4050

60.Radian is SI unit of

a.force        b.angle       c.length         d.velocity

61. Aero float is the airline of

a.usa        b uk              c.russia         d.china

62.Ball Point pen invented by

a.Pascal       b.Biro       c.Torriceli          d.John

63.Bristol sea port is in

a.USA          b.UK       c.China     d.Brazil

64. Herodotus is called the father of

a.History         b.Science         c.Politics       d.Botany

65.Yellow books are the official books of

a.UK     b.China     c.Spain           d.France

66. Where is the Heathrow airport

a.USA         b.France          c.China         d.UK

67. Which is the largest continent of the world

a.Africa    b.Asia        c.Europe            d.America

68.Austria is situated in

a.Western euorope         b.Southern Europe       c.asia    d.Americal

69. where is Khojak tunnel is in

a.Sindh      b.NWFP       c.Balochistan     d.Northern Areas

70.Which country has most offices in the world

a.China      b.Japan      c.India    d.USA

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