FPSC MCQS Papers of Islamyat

Islamic Studies MCQs

1- Arabia is a largest tract of country in the——- of Asia.
a-South Eastb-South West c-North Eastd-None of these

2- is called in Arab tradition “Year of the elephant”
a- 650A.Cb- 560ACc- 570ACd- None of these

3-ANSAR means
a- defenderb- helperc- rulard- None of these

4-The ninth year of the Hijra is known in Muslim history as the
a- Year of elephant b- year of deputationsc- year of embassiesd- None of these

5-In 14 Hijri/635 AD laid the foundation of Basra
a-Hazrat Umarb- Khalid bin Walid c-Uthban bin Ghazwand-None of these

6-Hazrar Usman was assassinated in the month of
a-Ramzanb-rajabc-Zulhijad-None of these

7i-Hazrat Khalid bin walid belonged to the tribe of
a-Hashimb-Umayyahc-Makhzum d-None of these

8- The city of FUSTAT was founded by
a- Amr bin Al-Asb- Hazrat Umar bin Khattabc- Hazrat Khalid bin Walid d- None of these

a-poor taxb-land taxc-poll taxd-None of these

10- was the first caliph, who addicated the caliphate
a-Hazrat Alib-Hazrat Hassanc-Hazrat Hussain d- None of these

11- The tomb of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari is situated at
a-Ankarab-Madinac-Istanbuld-None of these

12-The first capital of Abbasid Caliphate was
a- Al-Hashmiyahb- Samrahc- Baghdadd- None of these

13-Ibne-e-Kahldun was a famous historian of century
a-15thb-14thc-13thd-None of these

14- DIWAN AL HISBAH was instituted by
a-Mahdib-Hadic-Harun (Not sure)d-None of these

15- IDRISI was a famous
a-Musician b-poetc-Geographerd- None of these

16-SIYASAT NAMA was written by
a-Firdausi b-Masudic-Madwardid- None of these (Nizam al-Mulk)

17-Tulunid Dynasty was founded by Ahmad ibn Tulun in
a-Khurasanb-Syreac-Iraqd- None of these (Egypt)

18- the capture of Baghdad by Halaku Khan took place in the year
a-1285b-1258c-1271d- None of these

19- Constantinople fell into the hands of the Muslims in
a-1453b-1543c-1354b- None of these

20-With the Othman empire reached its zenith of glory and prestige
a-Bayazid b-Muhammad IIc-Salim Id- None of these

21- When Muslims invade the Spain was the ruler of the country?
a-Vetizab-Roderickc-Theodomird- None of these

22- was the Gothic capital
a- Cordavab- Toledoc- Garnadad- None of these

23- During muslim rule was the capital of Spain
a- Cordavab- Toledoc- Garnadad- None of these

24- was the first Muslim governor of Spain
a- Turaifb- Tariq bin ziyadc- Abdul Azizd- None of these

25-Abdul Rehman al dakhil died in 173 AH after the reign of years
a-40b-41c-42d-None of these( Almost 32 Years)

26- Hisham bin Abdur Rehman introduce doctrine in spain
a- Hanafib-Shafic-Humbalid-None of these( Maliki)

27- The beautiful palace of built by al-Nasir
a-Al zuhrab-Al hambrac-Al qurtabad-None of these

28- al Mahdi was the first caliph of the fatimids
a- Ubaidullahb- Abdullahc- Muhammad d- None of these

29- Battale of ZALAQA was fought between Alfanso VI and
a-Hajib Almansurb-Yousaf bin Tashfeenc-Tariq bin Ziyadd-None of these

30- “Moors in Spain” was written by
a- J.J Saunders b- P.K HATTIc-Lane poled- None of these

31- Abdur Rehman al nasir assumed the title of Ameer ul Mominin
a-713 AHb-317 AHc-300 AHd-None of these

32-The greatest muslim art in which they have achieved incomparable success is
a- Paintingb- Architeturec- Calligraphy(interesting one) d- None of these

33- Al KAMIL FIT TARIKH was written by
a-Tabrib-Masudic-Ibn ul Athird-None of these

34- GIBRALTER is named after
a-Musa bin Nusairb-Al Turaifc-Uqba bin Nafayd-None of these ( Tariq)

35- Garnada Fell in
a-1429 ACb-1492 ACc-1592 ACd- None of these

36-Ibn e Rushd was a distinguished
a-Musicianb-Doctorc-Philosopherd- None of these

37-R DOZY is the author of
a-Islam in Historyb-The spirit of Islamc-IThe Spanish islamd- None of these (Egypt)

a-Spanish neo muslimb-African slavec-Arab soldierd- None of these

39- Iberian Peninsula is a part of
a-Africab-Asiac-Europeb- None of these

40-THE PREACHING OF ISLAM is written by
a-Ameer Alib-Arberry A.Jc-Arnold T.Wd- None of these

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