General Knowledge about us history

US History MCQS
General Knowledge about us history
(i) During the Cuban Crisis, President Kennedy demanded:
(a) A “quarantine” to stop ships carrying offensive weapons to Cuba
(b) The removal of Russian strategic missiles
(c) Both of these
(d) None of these

(ii) The American commitment to prevent spread of Communism was expressed in:
(a) The Marshal Plan
(b) The Truman Doctrine
(c) The Yalta Declaration
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(iii) Europe’s rapid economic recovery after World War II was mainly due to:
(a) Truman Doctrine
(b) Big Four Conference
(c) Marshall Plan
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(iv) Which of the following pertains to American involvement in World War II?
(a) Lend Lease Act
(b) Atlantic Charter
(c) Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(v) A major difference between World War I and World War II was:
(a) A global involvement
(b) American intervention
(c) War strategy and weapons
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(vi) Which of the following was a reason for the Great Depression?
(a) Weakness in American Banking System
(b) International Economic imbalance of trade
(c) Low American wages gave inadequate purchasing power to support excessive capital investment
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(vii) The “White man’s burden” refers to:
(a) A belief in the equality of all races of man
(b) The assumed “Superiority of the white race with obligation to guide and develop “inferior” races
(c) European isolation policies (d) All of these (e) None of these

(viii) The North American colonies enjoyed economic success because of:
(a) Hardworking populations

(b) The practice of monoculture on plantations
(c) The use of slave labour
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(ix) During the height of European emigration between 1900 and 1910 most emigrants settled in:
(a) Australia
(b) New Zealand
(c) South America
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(x) The Americas changed from continents inhabited by people of mongoloid stock to:
(a) The most racially mixed region of the world
(b) Completely Indo-European Stock
(c) Majority Negroid Stock
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(xi) Large scale African slavery began as a means of:
(a) Dispersing the captives of African warfare
(b) Dispersing populations from overcrowded areas
(c) Supplying labour for New World plantations
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(xii) In addition to natural harbours and a hospitable climate, America was easily accessible because of its:
(a) Well developed interior waterways
(b) Exclusive Western deserts
(c) Well travelled interior routes
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(xiii) Eighteenth amendment pertained to:
(a) Abolition of slavery
(b) Extension of suffrage to women
(c) Popular election of senators
(d) Right to keep and bear arms
(e) None of these

(xiv) Fourteenth amendment pertained to:
(a) Definition of citizenship
(b) Appointment of Representatives in Congress
(c) Validity of public debt
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(xv) In 1989 Summit meeting between Bush and Gorbachev was held in:
(a) Yalta
(b) Malta
(c) Camp David
(d) Tehran
(e) None of these

(xvi) Civil Rights Act was passed in:
(a) 1962
(b) 1966
(c) 1862
(d) 1866
(e) None of these

(xvii) In March 2001 George Bush announced rejection of Kyoto Protocol of:
(a) 1995
(b) 1996
(c) 1997
(d) 1998
(e) None of these

(xviii) President Carter secured senate ratification of treaties to return Panama Canal to Panama by:
(a) 1997
(b) 1999
(c) 2000
(d) 2001
(e) None of these

(xix) The Fair Deal was name, given to ____ programme of Harry Truman.
(a) Foreign
(b) Security
(c) Domestic
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

(xx) First shipload of Negroes landed in Virginia in:
(a) 1619
(b) 1570
(c) 1487
(d) 1729
(e) None of these

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