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General Knowledge Exam Practice Test mcqs questions answers. GK about NATO mcq type.

NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the:

a) South Atlantic Treaty

b) North Atlantic Treaty

c) European Defense Pact

d) Warsaw Pact

Answer: b) North Atlantic Treaty


Where are the headquarters of NATO located?

a) London, United Kingdom

b) Washington, D.C., United States

c) Brussels, Belgium

d) Paris, France

Answer: c) Brussels, Belgium


How many member states are part of NATO?

a) 18 states

b) 24 states

c) 28 states

d) 32 states

Answer: c) 28 states


Which languages are the official languages of NATO?

a) English and Spanish

b) English and French

c) English and German

d) English and Russian

Answer: b) English and French


Who is the current Secretary General of NATO?

a) Jens Stoltenberg

b) Anders Fogh Rasmussen

c) Antonio Guterres

d) Donald Tusk

Answer: a) Jens Stoltenberg


Which of the following countries is a member of NATO?

a) Sweden

b) Russia

c) Finland

d) Turkey

Answer: d) Turkey


Which country was one of the founding members of NATO?

a) Russia

b) France

c) Italy

d) Germany

Answer: b) France


NATO members agree to mutual defense in response to an
attack by any:

a) Internal party

b) Non-member state

c) External party

d) Non-military organization

Answer: c) External party


Which of the following countries is NOT a member of NATO?

a) Greece

b) Sweden

c) Canada

d) Poland

Answer: b) Sweden


When was NATO formed?

a) 4 April 1945

b) 4 April 1955

c) 4 April 1965

d) 4 April 1949

Answer: d) 4 April 1949

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