General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

General Knowledge Tests
General Knowledge Quiz with Answers very importan quiz questions for gk. 
GK quiz with questions and answers.

41. Calorie is a ____________.
Unit of quantity of heat

42. Optical Fiber System is ______.
Telecommunication system

43. Prices for bikes can run ______ Rs. 3500.
As high as

44. The plural from of loaf is:-

45. Monetary and fiscal policies have as their goal:-
All of these

46. The tax imposed on the property/owners of houses of plots and motor vehicles is called:-
Wealth tax

47. Barter system means:-
Exchange of goods

48. What function is performed by liver in the human body?
Acts as a store house of digested sugar

49. A soldier drove east for four miles, then drove north for five miles, then turned to his left and drove for one mile and again turned to his left. Which choice gives the direction in which he was driving now?

50. Physiotherapy is a curative method for:-
Immobility of joints

51. If two steel balls having different masses are allowed to fall freely from the roof of a building, they will reach the ground:-

52. Dialysis is meant for:-

53. The people of the Bosnia-Herzegovina voted in favour of independence from:-

54. Slump means:-
Fall in the prices of stock

55. Addiction means:-
Craving for certain drugs or food

56. A man sneezes when he has cold:-
Because he cannot help it

57. Why do you need a doctor’s prescription to buy certain drugs?
Because they can do harm if misused

58. A computer consists mainly of electronic:-

59. Six students in a class failed in algebra. This represents 16? per cent of the class. How many students passed the course?

60. A boy walked for ½ hour and then got a bus for 1/3 of an hour. What part of an hour did the entire trip take?

61. In a democratic country which of the following is considered the fourth estate?

62. A coalition government means:-
Government formed by two or more political parties

63. Local authorities receive the largest portion of their income from:-
Urban immovable property tax

64. Municipal tax on articles coming inside a city is called:-

65. The book entitled ‘Empire and Islam: Punjab and The Making of Pakistan’ was written by:-
D. Gilmartin

66. Research in the work place reveals that many people work for many reasons
Besides money

67. Invoice is:-
A statement which describes full particulars concerning the quality and price of goods

68. Reuters is a word known:-
News agency

69. Modern computers as compared to earlier computers are:-
Faster and smaller

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