General Science Solved MCQs Objective Notes

Everyday Science MCQs
General Science Solved MCQs Objective Notes
1. LASER is an acronym for: 
a. light amplification by standard emission of light
b. light absorption stimulated entrance of radiation 
c. light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
d. light absorption by standard emission of radiation

2. If carbon dioxide is passed through lime water for a long time, the cloudy white colour (initially formed) disappears because of the formation of: 
a. calcium bicarbonate
b. calcium hydroxide
c. calcium carbonate
d. calcium sulphate

3. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of 
a. calcium bicarbonate
b. magnesium bicarbonate
c. calcium sulphate
d. sodium bicarbonate

4. Articles made of copper and bronze slowly tarnish in air and turn green , the green colour is due to the formation of :
a. copper oxide
b. copper sulphide
c. copper oxalate
d. all of these

5. Bleaching powder losses its power on keeping for a long time because 
a. it changes into calcium hypochlorite 
b. it changes into calcium chloride and calcium hydroxide 
c. it absorbs moisture
d. it changes into calcium chloride and calcium chlorate

6. When the quantity of charge on each of the two bodies is doubled, the force between them becomes 
a. one fourth
b. one half
c. twice
d. four times

7. Light year is related to: 
a. time 
b. distance 
c. energy 
d. speed

8. The word ceramic means: 
a. hard material (not sure)
b. soft material 
c. dry material 
d. burnt material

9. The operation of solar cell is based on 
a. laser technology 
b. photoconduction
c. thermal emission
d. Tyndall effect
not a singal one is correctphotovoltaic effect (is the correct answer)

10. The minimum number of bits required to store hexadecimal number AF is 
a. 2
b. 4
c. 8 (4+4 and in binary–> 1010 1111) 
d. 16

11. Which of the following minerals is most resistant to chemical weathering 
a. olivine
b. quartz
c. hornblende
d. potassium feldspar

12. An igneous rock contains a radioactive isotope that has a half life of 10 million years. Careful analysis shows that only one quarter of the original concentration of the parent isotope is left. How old is this igneous rock?
a) 10 Million years
b) 20 Million years
c) 30 Million years
d) 40 Million years

13. The discipline which deals with the understanding and treatment of mental health is called:
a) applied psychology
b)clinical psychology
c) psychoanalysis
d) psychiatry

14. Overcooking of food should be avoided because overcooking:
a) makes the food difficult to digest
b) makes the food toxic
c) increase the nutritive value of food
d)reduces the nutritive value of food

15. Optical fibre operates on the principle of:
a) Tyndal effect
b) photoelectric effect
c)laser technology
d)total internal reflection

16. The sensation of the skin is perceived by:
a) epidermis
b) the dermis
c) endodermis
d) none of these

17. The loudness of sound depends on its
a) wavelength
b) frequency
c) amplitude
d) all of these

18. A person standing in front of a mirror finds his image smaller than him and erect. This implies that the mirror is:
a) plane
b) concave
c) convex
d) not of good quality

19. The densities of three liquids are D, 2D, 3D. What will be the density of the resulting mixture if equal volumes of the three liquids are mixed?
a) 1.5D
b) 2D
c) 3D
d) 6D

20. Which of the following is a conventional designation of pre-released software?
a) Raw

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