Geography Quiz Questions With Answers

Geography MCQs
Geography Quiz Questions With Answers

 The so called Green Revolution began in India in1966
 Myanmar a mountainous country is located inSouth East Asia
The deepest point in the ocean bottom is in:Pacific ocean
Atmospheric pressure at sea level is:760 mm
“Cape York Peninsula”Australia
Instrument used for the measurement of wind speed is calledAnemometer
20) Charles Richter of the California Institute of Technology developed the Richter scale in:1935
The worst drought for 50 years is experience byChad
Hanging valleys are formed by the action ofMoving Ice
The earliest period of geological history isPre-Cambrian
Ideal cycle of erosion was first suggested byW.M Davis
“Seven Sisters” is a group ofOil companies
“Gulf of Carpentaria” is in:Pacific Ocean
Bishkek is the capital ofKyrgyzstan
A Ring of fire is attributed to:Pacific
Honshu is highly industrialized part ofJapan
Tashkent a one of biggest market ofWheat
The smallest Islamic country is:Maldives
Earthquake of Kobe, Japan, in January 1995 had a magnitude:7.2
The height of Mt. Everest is about:8848 m
The Suez Canal was completed in:1869
Highest Capital city located in the world)La Paz

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