Junior Patrol Officer Test MCQs Past Papers


Junior Patrol Officer Test MCQs Past Papers 
Sher Shah built G.T. Road.
Imperial Highway is the old name of G.T. Road.
Karakoram highway passes through 3 ranges.
Nanga Parbat is commonly known as Killer Mountain.
Karakoram highway was completed in 1978.
Karakoram was completed in the total period of 20 years.
The word Karakoram means ‘crumbling rock’.
Karakoram is a Turkish word.
Karakoram highway passes through khunjrab pass.
Punial is said to be the place where ‘heaven and earth meet’.
Siachin glacier is located near Astor.
Hunza is called real Shangrilla.
Khyber Pass connects Gilgit with Chitral.
Totally Punjab has 8 divisions.
The contribution of forestry to the agriculture sector is 0.4%.
Use of Boron and Zink can improve cotton yield.
National Arid and Land Development and Research Institute is located at Islamabad.
Arid Zone Research Centre of PARC is situated at Quetta.
Thar Coalfield is the biggest coalfield of Pakistan.
An M-1 motorway is Islamabad-Peshawar.
NEC (company) set up Pakistan’s first T.V. station.
3 radio stations were working at the time of partition.
Total length of Indus Highway is
The new name of Debal is ‘Bhanbhore’.
Gharo Creek is a lake.
Kalakot Fort is situated near Thatta.
Ranjit Singh sold Kashmir for 75 Lakhs.
Poonch, a state of Kashmir, fought with Dogra by obtaining arms from tribal areas.
10 seats are reserved for non-muslims in National Assembly.
Frank Meseri was the first C-in-C of Armed Forces.
The religion of Tamil is Hinduism.
There is only one female university in Pakistan.
Kohat is the oldest cantonment of the country.
Shalimar Garden was built in 1642 A.D.
Faisalabad is commonly known as little Manchester.
Harrappa is located at Sahiwal.
The tomb of jehangir is located a Shahdara.
Tomb of Noor Jehan is located at Lahore.
Attock Fort was built byAkbar.
Heer Ranjha was written by Waris Shah.
Sohni Mahiwal was written by Hashim Shah.
Sindh is called Bab-ul-Islam.
Chack was the father of Raja Dahir.
Keti Bunder is the name of a coastal area.
French Beach is located at Karachi.
Ranikot Fort is located near Hyderabad.
Kotri barrage was built in 1955.
Al Mawardi was born in Basra.

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