KPKPSC Solved Everyday Science MCQS

Everyday Science MCQs
21. Seismology is the science of ?
Ans Earthquakes

22. The source of solar energy is ?
Ans Nuclear energy

23. If an object is placed midway between two parallel plane mirrors facing each other, then the number of images that appear in mirrors is
Ans Infinite

24. In vacuum , What will be common among X rays visible light , radiowaves
Ans Amplitude

25. Barometer is used to measure
Ans Atmospheric pressure

26. If u use a microscope to watch smoke particles in still air, u ll see them moving about all the time. This phenomenon is called ?
Ans Brownian movement

27. The mass of a neutron is approximately
Ans Equal to the mass of proton

28. The spherical shape of rain drops is due to
Ans Atmospheric friction of air

29. Galvanometer is an instrument
Ans For measuring currents of small magnitude

30. Which of the following has highest frequency?
Ans Gamma rays

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