Motor Mobile Patrol Inspector MCQs Past Papers

Motor Mobile Patrol Inspector MCQs Past Papers

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1. Who led funeral prayers of Quaid-e-Azam: Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani

2. Largest artificial lake in Pakistan is : Keenjhar

3. Humsafar Novel is written by: Farhat Ishtiaq

4..First embassy of Pakistan opened in which country? Iran

5. Which US Ambassador died in plane crash with Zia: US ambassador Arnold Lewis Raphel

6. First Vice president of Pakistan: Nurul Amin

7. Highest Pakistani civil award Nishan-e-Pakistan awarded to which Indian: Morarji Desai

8. How many Number of Nishan e Haider recipient: 10

9. What type of missile is ghauri:Surface to surface

10.who is the 7th PM of Pakistan: Feroz Khan Noon

11. Who composed Pakistan national anthem: Ahmed Chagla

12. PTV begins color transmission in: 1976

13. Friday declared Holiday: in 1976 by ZA Bhutto

14. Shimla deputation date: 1st Oct, 1906

15. Anjuman e Islam was founded on: 24 Sep, 1884

16. Mohen jo daro was founded in: 1922

17. Who is Pakistani ambassador to China: Masood Khalid

18. My life, a fragment”: autobiography of Muhammad Ali Johar, written by: Mishirul Hassan

19.18th Amendment 1973 was passed on: 8th April, 2010

20. What was number of total electoral colleges in 1965? 80000

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