Muslim Law Past Papers pdf

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Muslim Law Past Papers pdf

1. The interest of wife in deferred dower is a contingent one. No
2. Wife is entitled to lodging in the husband’s house during iddat. Yes
3. A widow is not entitled to maintainence during iddat.Yes
4. A hiba-bil-iwaz is not revocable.Yes
5. A contingent gift is valid in Muhammadan Law. Yes
6. Malik Ibn Anas was actually a traditionalist. No
7. Areeat is the grant of license to take and enjoy the usufruct of a thing. No
8. Istihsan literally means a collection of rules or principles by the method of analogy.Yes
9. Development of Muslim Law falls into three historic period. No
10. Evidence of Five witnesses is necessary in the offence of adultery. No

(B) Write only correct answer in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

11. Aqd means:
a. Consideration
b. Satisfaction
c. Contract
d. None of these

12. Jabr means:
a. Friendship
b. Guardianship of marriage
c. Relative
d. None of these

13. Iddat is for:
a. Interval
b. Purity
c. The certainty of paternity
d. None of these

14. Obligatory means:
a. Permissible
b. Recommended
c. Abominable
d. None of these

15. The equivalent of Law in Islamic Legal system:
a. Ijtilhad
b. Hukm-e-Shari
c. Obligation
d. None of these

16. Istilhsan means:
a. Preference of stronger evidence over analogy
b. Preference over Ijtihad
c. Preference over poor evidence
d. None of these

17. Kitab-al-Kharaj is written by:
a. Abu Ibrahim
b. Abu Zaid
c. Abu Yousaf
d. None of these

18. Imam Abu Hanifa was born in
a. 70 A.H.
b. 75 A.H.
c. 80 A.H.
d. None of these

19. Taqlid means:
a. To pursue
b. To agree
c. To follow a school of law
d. None of these

20. Wakf for Limited period is:
a. Valid
b. Not valid
c. Voidable
d. None of these

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