NTS Sample Paper of SSE Math

Sample Papers
This is sample paper only for guidance purpose such type of questions will be given in actual paper.Here are only given few questions for information
SUBJECT  (50%)

1.    An inner product space is singular if and only if the matrix of its form relative to any basis is:

A.    Identity
B.    Idempotent
C.    Symmetric
D.    Non-singular
E.    Singular

2.    A cricket captain wins the toss for three consecutive matches. What is the probability that they will call correctly for the fourth match?

B. 1/8   
C. 1/24  
D. 1/4    
E.  1/2  

As above the example is given 50% questions will be given from subject and other 50 % will be divided into four parts in 

IT Skills-15%
General Knowledge/Current Affairs-10%

Visit following link for Sample Questions of above four categories

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