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Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Screening Test for Appointments

Test Date: Saturday, 23rd November & Sunday, 24th November 2013

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given choices (A to E) below each.
1.    Contrary to popular opinion, bats are not generally aggressive and rabid: most are shy and _______.
A.       pompous
B.       disfigured
C.        punctual
D.       harmless
E.        corrupt
Five options (A to E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the option that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
A.       amnesty: deserters
B.       defamation: enemies
C.        inoculation: vaccine
D.       deforestation: trees
E.        assassination: murderers
Choose the option or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
A.       loss of respect
B.       lack of resolve 
C.        reparation
D.       relapse 
E.        retreat
Read the passage to answer question 4-9
No actual black hole has yet been located or studied, but the concept has provided endless imaginative fodder for science fiction writers and endless theoretical fodder for physicists and astrophysicists.
Black holes are one of the more exotic theoretical manifestations of general relativity. The standard model for the formation of a black hole involves the collapse of a large star. For extremely massive stars that are four to five times the mass of our sun, the exclusion principle—the resistance between the molecular particles within the star as they are compressed—will not be strong enough to offset the gravity generated by the star’s own mass. The star’s increasing density will overwhelm the exclusion principle. What follows is runaway gravitational collapse. With no internal force to stop it,
the star will simply continue to collapse in on itself, until it reaches a point of infinite density and zero volume, a phenomenon known as a singularity.
The star now disappears from the perceivable universe, like a cartoon character who jumps into a hole and pulls the hole in after him. What this process leaves behind is
a different kind of hole—a profound disturbance in spacetime, a region where gravity is so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. Any object falling within the boundary of a black hole will be sucked in and will disappear from our universe forever.
What would happen to an object, such as an astronaut, as it vanished into the black hole? Physicists have been amusing themselves with this question for years. Most believe that the astronaut would be destroyed by the intense gravitational forces within the black hole, or would explode in a flash of gamma rays as he or she approached the singularity at the hole’s core. Theoretically, an astronaut who managed to survive the passage would experience some very strange things, including acute time distortion, which would enable him or her to know, in a few brief seconds, the entire future of the universe in all its detail.
4.    The word “fodder” is closest in meaning to
A.       material
B.       stories
C.        support 
D.       problems
5.    The opposing force between the molecular particles inside a star is called
A.       general relativity
B.       the exclusion principle
C.        infinite density
D.       a singularity
6.    The word “offset” could best be replaced by
A.       carry
B.       arrange
C.        overflow
D.       counteract
7.    It can be concluded from paragraph 3 that light
A.       destroys a black hole
B.       can barely reveal a black hole
C.        does not exist near a black hole
D.       originates in spacetime
8.    Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the possible fate of an astronaut who falls into a black hole?
A.       Experience of amusement
B.       Death by gamma rays
C.        Knowledge of the universe
D.       Destruction by gravity
9.    It can be inferred from the passage that black holes are
A.       soon to be located and studied
B.       a scientific impossibility
C.        the key to the entire future of the universe
D.       a source of inspiration and entertainment

Questions 10-13
The supervisor of a commuter airline is schedul­ing pilots to fly the round-trip from City X to City Y. The trip takes only two hours, and the airline has one round-trip flight in the morning and one round-trip flight in the afternoon, each day, Monday through Friday. Pilots must be sched­uled in accordance with the following rules:
Only W, X, and Y can fly the morning flight.
Only V, X, and Z can fly the afternoon flight.
No pilot may fly twice on the same day.
No pilot may fly on two consecutive days.
X must fly the Wednesday morning flight.
Z must fly the Tuesday afternoon flight.
10. Which of the following must be true?
A.       W flies the Monday morning flight
B.       X flies the Monday afternoon flight
C.        Y flies the Tuesday morning flight
D.       W flies the Thursday morning flight
E.        Z flies the Thursday afternoon flight
11. If X flies on Friday morning, which of the fol­lowing must be true?
A.       X does not fly on Monday afternoon
B.       V flies on Friday afternoon
C.        W flies Thursday morning
D.       Y flies Thursday morning
E.        Neither W nor Y flies Thursday morning
12. If X flies only one morning flight during the week, which of the following must be true?
A.       W flies exactly two days during the week
B.       X flies exactly three days during the week
C.        Y flies only one day during the week
D.       Z flies Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon
E.        X flies more times during the week than V
13. If W is not scheduled to fly at all during the week, all of the following must be true EXCEPT
A.       X flies on Monday morning
B.       V flies on Monday afternoon
C.        Y flies on Thursday morning
D.       Z flies on Friday afternoon
E.        X flies on Friday morning
14. The number of the suras in the Holy Quran is:
A.       110
B.       112
C.        114
D.       120
15. Seha-e-sitta means:
A.       4 books of correct Ahdith
B.       5 books of correct Ahdith
C.        6 books of correct Ahdith
D.       7 books of correct Ahdith
16. The province of Baluchistan is a _____.
A.       Mountain
B.       Plain
C.        Plateau
D.       None of the above
17. Form of land which extends towards sea is called:
A.       Delta
B.       Island
C.        Plain
D.       Mountain
18. What is the default port of http?
A.       8080
B.       23
C.        21
D.       25
E.        80
19. A static function:
A.       should be called, when an object is destroyed
B.       is closely connected to an individual object of a class
C.        can be called using the class name and function name
D.       is used, when a dummy object must be created
20. What determines which processes are loaded in and out of memory?
A.       CPU scheduler
B.       Job scheduler
C.        Process dispatcher
D.       Context switcher
21. A computer network is composed of multiple computers connected together using a telecommunication system for the purpose of _______ data, resources and communication.
A.       Sharing
B.       Private
C.        Shared
D.       All of the above
22. What is a data type?
A.       The part of the CPU that dose arithmetic
B.       A part of main memory used to store data
C.        A particular scheme for representing values with bit patterns
D.       The collection of variables that a program uses
23. Identify the incorrect statement about the “Queue”:
A.       A Queue is an ordered collection of items.
B.       From a Queue items may be deleted at one end and may be inserted at other end.
C.        It is called rear of queue from where items are inserted.
D.       It is called top of queue from where items are deleted.

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