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Practice Test
51.Yousaf Raza Gillani took oath on 2008

a.25 March        b.23 March       c.20March       d.15 March

52.who is the first chief minister of balochistan

a.ata ullah mangal        b.Nawab Akbar     c. Akhtar Mengal     d.  Nawab Risani

53.Kotli is the district of

a.Balochistan           b.Sindh         c.AJK        d.Fata

54.Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated Marhatas in

a.1661              b.1860        c.1761      d.1757

55.Battle of Plassey was fought in

a.1757         b.1657       c.1857       d.1756

56.Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded

a.Brahma Samaj    b.Aria Samaj    c.Independent Movement       d.Shev Samaj

57.Hindi-Urdu controversy started in

a.1865           b.1866          c.1867    d.1868

58.Muslim League founded on 30 Dec: 1906 at

a.Decca           b.Calcuta          c.karachi    d.Dehli

59.Communal award published in

a.1931         b.1932         c.1934        d.1935

60.Cabinet Mission consisted of  members

a.7           b.8            c.9       d.10

61.The only vice-president of Pak

a.Nazim Din          b.Bhutto         c.Liaqat ali       d. Noorul Amin

62.First postal stamp issued in

a.1947       b.1948       c.1949       d.1950

63.3rd Martial Law imposed on  1977 july

a.17         b.7            c.27         d.9

64.In Sept: 1958 Gawadar was bought by Khan of Kalat at 40 lacs pounds from

a.Iran             b.Oman          c.China        d.uzbekistan

65.Ayub transferred capital from Karachi to Islamabad on 1st August

a.1960             b.1961                c.1959        d.1958 is  was first to recognize Pakistan

a.USA        b.Iran     c.Saudi Arab      d.Iraq

67.Barrages built on Indus

a. 8                 b.6            c.7           d.9

68.Tomb of Babur is in

a.Kabul      b.Dehli        c.Lahore        d.Dacca

69. Where is famous effel tower?

a. USA        b.UK        c.Brazil    d.France

70.Who is IG   Punjab Police

a. Habib Ullah            b. Habib Ulrehman       c.Saadat ullah    d.Ali ahmad khan

71. FIR stands for

a. first authentic report b.first crime report  c.first information report  d.first insaf report

72. The hunter ran after his———

a.pray         b.prey         c.Pair     d.Priy

73.He was guilty ——–stealing

a. to           b.of          d.for

74. He was born ——a rich family       b.of     d.out

75.Aslam———–in 1990.   75-100 Questions

a.dead      b.has die           c.died        d.dying

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