Political Science Solved MCQS for PMS

Political Science MCQs

(61) “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by:John Locke

(64) “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by:Professor Garner

(65) Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of:Al Ghazali

(66) According to Aristotle which is the bad government of the rich: Oligarchy

(67) Constitutional classified as rigid and flexible in a book titled “Studies in History and Jurisprudence” was written by:Lord Bryce

(68) “Wealth of Nations” was written by”Adam Smith

(70) Which of these books represents the scheme of Plato’s Philosophy?The Republic

71) “Muqaddamah” was the great work of:Ibn Khuldun

(73 “Theory of Divine Right of King” was presented by King James of England in century:17th

(75) A discourse on the origin of Inequality and the social contract was presented by:Rousseau

(76) Sovereignty is which one of the following bases of the state:Spiritual

(77) Law is “the body of Principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of justice” is said by:Salmond

(78) The term Propaganda acquired derogatory sense:After World War I

(79) The word “polis” means:A city state

(80) In which century Austinian theory of Sovereignty was refuted by Pluralists?20th

(82) Author of the book ‘Capital’ is”Karl Marx

(83) A voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called:Federation

(84) Author of the book ‘Leviathan’ is:Thomas Hobbes

(85) “Reconstruction of Religion Thought in Islam” is written by:Allama Iqbal

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