PPSC Headmaster MCQs


21. Which is not true about projects
It is teacher centred activity

22. Duration of lessons in macro- lesson plans is
35-45 min

23. In British approach of lesson planning, more emphasis is on
Teacher and content presentation

24. American approach emphasizes
Learning objectives

25. Which one is not the type of lesson plans on the basis of objectives
Micro lesson plan

27. A good drama does not include
Very long play

28. Which is not the objective of Drama/ role play
Do make rehearsals

29. Drama or role play is useful for teaching

30. The main types of teleconferencing identified are

31. Which is not the types of teleconferencing
T.V teleconferencing

32. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning
(a) Individual
(c) Both a & b

33. Cooperative learning is an alternative to
competitive models

34. The number of students in cooperative learning groups are
35. The essential characteristic of cooperative learning is
Positive interdependence

36. The students like to spend the most of the time with

37. Peer culture constitutes

38. Which is not the advantage of team teaching
Better financial benefits of teachers

39. The hypothesis underlying team teaching is
The best teachers in schools are shared by more students

40. CAI stands for
Computer assisted instruction

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