51: Fatah e Mubeen is the 2nd name of?
A: Fatah e Mecca                  B: Ghazwa E Badar                C: Sulah e Hudebia
D: Death of Abu Jehel

52: Who threw the first arrow in the defense of Islam?
A: Holly Prophet (S.A.W)        B: Moshab bin Umair              C: Saad bin abbi Waqas
D: Amar bin Aas

53: The first sajda occur in the Surah?
A: surah Sajda                        B: Aaraf                       C: Alaq                        D: Surah Rome

54: Who is called abu basher thani?
A: Hazrat Adam                       B: Hazrat Seeth                      C: Harzat Abraham                 D: Hazrat nooh         

55: Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Pisa. Pisa is the city of?
A: France                    B: Rome                      C: Italy                        D: Green land

56: “Qanoon” is the name of _____ language?
A: Sarayani                  B: Arabic                     C: Urdu                        D: Persian

57: Who was the leader of Muslims in the battle of Qadsia?
A: Saad bin abi waqas                      B: Amar bin Aas                      C: Khalid Bin Waleed              D: Zaid bin sabit

58: Who won the first battle of Pani-Pat?
A: Babur                     B: Jahangir                  C: Shuja ud Dola                     D: Tipu Sultan

59: When did Russian leader Lennon died?
A: 1921                        B: 1924                        C: 1824                       D: 1922

60: Who has similar facial feature to Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.w)?
A; Zaid bin Haris          B: Hazrat Ali                C; Moshab bin umair                        D: none of these

61: What was the father’s name of Hazrat Usman (r.a)?
A: Affan                       B: Ghanni                    C: Sabit bin mughera              D: none of these

62: When did the Siachen Disaster happen?
A: 3rd April 1999.          B: 7th April, 2012                    C: 6th April, 2012         D: 6th april, 2012

63: What is the father’s name of Irfa kareem?
A: Lt-Col. Amjad Karim
B: Lt. Col. Qazi Karim
C: Lt. Col. Ahmed Karim
D: Lt. Col. Karim Randhawa

64: What is the name of Dr. iqbal’s second wife?
A: Begum Sardar Iqbal                        B: Sardar Begum      C: Atiya Bi Bi               D: Karim BiBi

65: Massawar e gham kis ko kehty hain?
A; Majeed Amjad         B: Allama Rashid alkhairi                 C: Deputy Nazeer Ahmed
D: Robinder Nath Tegor

66; “Talqeen shah” ka kirdar kis ny likha tha?
A: Banu Qudsia                       B: ghulam Abbass      C: Shokat Sadiqui       D: Ishfaq ahmed

67: Teerhi lakeer kis ki likhi hoi story hy?
A: Ismat chughtai      B: khalil jibran              C: kirishan Chandar    D: Munshi Sajjad hussain

68: “Barg e nay” kis ny likhi thi?
A: Nasir kazmi                        B: noon-meem-Rasid             C: parween shakir
D: faiz ahmed faiz

69: “shab e rafta” ka intisaab kis k naam hy?
A: parween shakir k naam      B: Subh e nou k naam
C: guzri hoi raat k naam                     D: fitrat k naam

70: “chaand chehra, sitara ankhen” kis ka kalam hay?
A: parween shakir       B: Amjad islam amjad             C: Ubaid ullah Aleem           
D: Ahmed nadeem qasmi

71: Urdu kis zuban ka lafz hy?
A; Turkish      B: Hindi                        C: Arabic         D: persian

72: Azad nazam ka bani kis poet ko kehty hain?
A: amjad islam amjad             B: majeed amjad         C: Noon-meem-rashid
D: Faiz ahmed faiz

73: “heer-Ranjha” kis ny likhi thi?
A: hashim shah                       B: Waris shah            C: sachal sarmast                  D: none of these

74: Kis Punjabi poet ko “Punjabi ka Shakespeare” kehty hain?
A: Waris shah             B: sultan baho             C: bhully shah             D: hashim shah

75: Famous t.v. play “un-kaahi” kis ny likha tha?
A: amjad islam amjad             B: umaira ahmed                    C: Haseena moeen  
D: ubaid ullah sindhi

76: Base Ball team is consisted of how many players?
A: 9                  B: 5                  C: 7                 D: 11

77: In which game the person who scores least, wins the game?
A: Chess         B: Golf                        C: Rugby                     D: Cards

78: Chess-mate is consisted of how many squares?
A: 64                B: 86                C: 92               D: 74

79: Which animal does not have ears?
A: Oyster           B: Snake       C: albatross    D: Vulture

80: Which of the following has teeth?
A: Eagle                       B: Snake         C: Bats                       D: King Crab

81: “Light year” is used for?
A: to measure age      B: To measure distance                   C: to measure Age
D: to study in night

82: Who invented sulfuric Acid?
A: Jabir bin hayan     B: Sir Sulfur Glydes    C: Bu ali Seena                       D: john Dalton

83: In computer networking, LAN stands for?
A: Line area Network   B: Low Area Network  C: Local area Network         D: Low Arithmetic Network

84: CPU is an example of?
A: Hard ware              B: soft Ware                C: desktop                   D: ALU

85: DVD can store data up to?
A: 600 KB                    B: 17 GB                     C: 13 GB                     D: none of these

86: TCP/IP stands for?
A: Transmission control protocol/ internet protocol
B: Transferable City Providers/ Internal Providers
C: Transmission Control Proxy/ Internal Proxy
D: none of these

87: DSL stands for?
A: Disk Standard Line
B: Digital subscriber line
C: Digital Standard Line
D: none of these

88: The average of 8 numbers is 12. If each number is increased by 2, the average of new set of number will be?
A: 14                B: 12                C: 18               D: 16

89: If 500 pounds of mush will feed 20 pigs for a week, for how many days will 200 pounds of mush feed 14 pigs?
A: 6                  B: 4                  C: 8                 D: 12

90: The arithmetic mean of 25, 31 and X is 37. What is the value of X?
A; 55                B: 65                C: 45               D: 42

91: 9 sq feet is equal to?
A: 1 sq yard                B: 3 sq meters                        C: 150 sq inches                     D: 12 X 12 inches

92: It takes 14 taps to fill a swimming pool in 10 hours. How long will it take 5 taps to fill the pool?
A: 24                            B: 26                            C: 28                           D: 30

93: If 5c + 3= 3c + 5, then what is the value of C?
A: 1                              B: 2                              C: 3                             D: 5

94: What is the plural of “Talisman”?
A: Talismen                 B: Talisman                 C: Talismens              D: Talismans

95: Where is headquarter of Amnesty International?
A: London                  B: Geneva                   C: Paris                                   D: New York
96: Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in U.N.?
A: Afghanistan                       B: Iran                          C: America                  D: Russia

97: When the simla Accord was signed?
A: July 1971                 B: July 1972                C: Jan. 1972                D: Dec. 1971

98: Who is the first finance minister of paksitan?
A: Nazim ud din                       B: Liaqat ali khan         C: quid e azam                       D: ghulam Mohammad

99: The holly Prophet (p.b.u.h) was died on the day of?
A: Friday                      B: Thursday                C: Monday                  D: Sunday

100 : There is how many sajdah in holly Quran?
A: 14                            B: 11                            C: 114                         D: 12

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