Questions with Answers About History of Prophets

Islamic Studies MCQs

  1. Ibraheem was the uncle of Luut.
  2. Loot was maternal grandfather of Ayub.
  3. Hazart Loot was the first to migrate.
  4. Luut resided at Ur near Mesopotamia.
  5. Luut migrated to Sodom and Gomorrah
  6. Ismaeel is called Abu-al-Arab.
  7. Mother of Ismaeel was Haajrah.
  8. Ishaaq built boundaries of Masjid-e-Aqsaa.
  9. Ishaaq was sent to Jews.
  10. At Muqam-e-Ibraheem, there are imprints of Ibraheem.
  11. Ibrahim was first person to circumcise himself and his son.
  12. Sara wife of Ibrahim and mother of Ishaq was sister of Loot.
  13. Hajra the wife of Ibrahim was daughter of Pharoah of Egypt.
  14. Ibrahim was 86 years old when Ismael was born.
  15. Ibrahim was ordered to migrate along with family to valley of Batha meaning Makkah.
  16. Ibrahim was sent to Jordan after leaving Haajrah and Ismaeel
  17. Age of Ibraheem at the birth of Ishaq was 100 years and of Saarah was 90 years.
  18. First wife of Ibrahim resided at Palestine.
  19. Ibrahim intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina on 10th Zul Hajj.
  20. As a result of sacrifice of Ismael, Ibrahim was gifted a baby from Saarah named Ishaq.
  21. Zam Zam emerged from beneath the foot of Hazrat Ismaeel in the valley of Batha (Makkah).
  22. Hazrat Ismail discovered Hajar-e-Aswad.
  23. Ismaeel had 15 sons.
  24. Zabeeullah and Abu al Arab are called to Hazrat Ismaeel.
  25. Ismael divorced his wife being discourteous.
  26. Jibrael brought sacred stone to Ismael.
  27. Original colour of the sacred stone was white.
  28. Gabriel gave the news of Ishaaq to Ibrahim.
  29. Ishaq married Rebecca.
  30. Old name of Makkah was Batha.
  31. Hazrat Idress was expert in astronomy.
  32. Uzair became alive after remaining dead for one hundred years.
  33. Whale Swallowed Hazrat Younus (AS).(chk)
  34. Hazrat Yaqub has the title of Israel
  35. 1 Lac 24 thousand- total number of prophets.
  36. Hazrat Idrees was the first who learnt to write.
  37. How many Sahifay were revealed to Hazrat Idrees (AS)? 30
  38. Prophet Yahya A.S was sent to people of Jordan.
  39. Hazrat Idrees (A.S) set up 180 cities.
  40. Prophet Ishaq A.S lost his eye sight in old age.
  41. Hazrat Dawood could mould iron easily with his hand.
  42. The event of ring is related to Hazrat Sulaiman.
  43. Hazarat Moosa(A.S) had impediment in his tongue
  44. Moosa was granted 9 miracles.
  45. Musa crossed the Red Sea.
  46. The prophet mentioned in Quran for most of times is Moosa.
  47. Ten commandments were revealed on Moosa.
  48. Moosa died on Abareem mountain.
  49. Grave of Musa is in Israel.
  50. Teacher of Moosa was Shoaib.

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