Sociology Solved MCQS for FA BA MSc

Sociology MCQs

38) Gerontology is the study of —————

Aged and aging

39-Human and animal societies share all but one of the following characteristics:
Shared beliefs and collective destiny.

40-The essential function of punishment in society is:
Affirmation of moral standards

41)The most pervasive of the social processes are:

42)One of the following is alien to the concept of culture:

 43)A human being deprived of all communication with other humans from birth would lack all but one of the followings:

44)Abstract sentiments are :
Are compellers of action

45)A person is conciously motivated primarily by his:
Real traits

46)The creative potential of personality is accounted for by:

Trait psychology

47)Once formed the self is:

48)In modern society, cultural change is most likely to be the by product of:


49)The country with better record for gathering population statistics than any other is:

50)The population of the world is expected to double in the next :
35 years.

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