Solved Everyday Science MCQs for Preparation of PPSC FPSC Tests

Everyday Science MCQs
Solved Everyday Science MCQs for Preparation of PPSC FPSC Tests
1. The echo of Big Bang can be heard in the form of: 
a. cosmic rays
b. gamma rays
c. microwave radio signals (called CMB cosmic microwave background radiation)
d. infrared radiations

2. Omar Khyyam was a: 
a. poet 
b. mathematician
c. astronomer 
d. all of these

3. Who was the early dentist and also inventor of many surgical instruments: 
a. Avicenna
b. Al. zahrawi
c. Ibn .ul. haithem
d. Al . Jahiz

4. who was the first Muslim mathematician who used ” Zero ” :
a. Ibn. e. Baitar
b. Ibn. Rushd
c. Ibn. Al. Haitham
d. Al Khwarizmi

5. Why some nebulae shine?
a)because they emit light
b)due to burning process
c)because they contain bright stars
d)because they reflect light

6. A shooting star is 
a) sun
b) a comet
c) a meteor
d) an asteroid

7. A ‘clinical death’ takes place when:
a) there is no pulse
b) there is no heart beat
c)pupils are fixed and dilated and there is no reaction to light
d) all of above

8. What is Hubble Classification :
a. classification of stars 
b. classification of planets
c. classification of galaxies 
d. classification of earth’s zones

9. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the: 
a. shape of earth
b. rotation of earth around the sun 
c. rotation of earth on its axis 
d. movement of the sun

10. What are cyclones?
a. sudden heavy floods
b. no rain for a long period
c. heavy showers
d. violent wind and rain

11. From ecological point of view human beings are taken as: 
a. decomposers 
b. consumers
c. producers 
d. All of these

12. The major cause of land pollution is:
a) pesticides
b) chemical fertilizers
c) insecticides
d) all of these

13. The sharp-bitter taste of unripe fruits is due to high concentration of:
a)phenolic compounds
b)volatile compounds
c)organic acids

14. The use of antibiotic is a very effective way of killing disease causing bacteria. Sometime people don’t finish all of their pills. this can result in:
a) some bacteria left unkilled
b) production of more bacteria
c) bacteria becoming sensitive to antibiotics
d) bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics

15. Flesh eaters are called:
b) carnivores
c) herbivores
d) scavengers

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