Solved MCQS of Journalism for PMS

Journalism MCQs

31. Pakistan’s first official news agency was: APP

32 Nasim Hijazi was Editor of the daily:kohistan


34) What is meant by editorial note: Editor’s notes

35) The news which appears in the papers two or three days before an important event is called: Curtain Raiser

36) Who is the most important person in the T.V. NEWS:None of these

37) Hasrat Mohani published the newspaper:Urdu-I-Muallah

38) The Nawa-e-Waqt started its publication in:1940

39) Irshad Ahmed Haqani writes his column under in: Harf-e-Tamannah

40) Who was the first editor of the daily Jang?Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman

41) Which of the private Pakistani T.V. Channel has the greatest number of viewers?GEO

42) Which official is called the pilot of the newspaper:The editor

43) Communication is a Process

44) The head office of “The Khabrain” is in:Lahore

45) APNS represents News paper owners

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