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Write name of the largest country in The world by land area?

Answer: Russia


The largest ocean in The world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean


The largest desert in The world?

Answer: Sahara Desert


The largest river in The world by volume?

Answer: Amazon River


The largest continent in The world?

Answer: Asia


The largest island in The world?

Answer: Greenland


Write the name of the largest lake in The world by surface area?

Answer: Caspian Sea


The largest mountain range in The world?

Answer: The Andes


The largest waterfall in The world by volume?

Answer: Victoria Falls


The largest glacier in The world?

Answer: Lambert-Fisher Glacier in Antarctica


The largest dam in The world?

Answer: Three Gorges Dam in China


Write name of the largest building in The world by floor area?

Answer: The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, China


Write name of the largest aquarium in The world by water volume?

Answer: Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, United States


The largest tree in The world by volume?

Answer: General Sherman in California, United States


The largest flower in The world?

Answer: Rafflesia arnoldii, found in SouTheast Asia


The largest spider in The world by leg span?

Answer: The Goliath birdeater, found in South America


The largest land animal in The world?

Answer: African elephant


The largest bird in The world by wingspan?

Answer: Wandering albatross


The largest carnivorous marsupial in The world?

Answer: Tasmanian devil


The largest snake in The world by length?

Answer: Green anaconda

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