SPSC Interview Experience Tips

SPSC Interviews
After passing the written test examination by the candidates the spsc issued call letters to passed candidates for interview. Interview panel may be two,three,four,five it depends on nature of post and scale. it is a real fact that there is no syllabus of interview but the interview panel usually asks questions from following subjects:

1. From your master subject if you are MA/MSc or from Elective subjects if You are under master
2. Current affairs, Country situation
3. English
5.Pak Studies
6.General Knolwedge
7.Jobs related information means questions about concerned department/Post
8.if you have already a job than they also asks questions about that jos
9.Family Background
10. Your districts politics or country politics and political issues

Some Tips for a good interview     

1.Do research on your subject before the interview.Study General books, news paper etc.
   Assemble all necessary papers/documents.

2.Do you know about job responsibilities?

3.All clothes should be neatly pressed. Try to wear new clothes.

4. Introduce yourself , Personal and Education,  Past /Present Experiences, Life / Career Objectives

5.Introduce yourself with friendly speeches.

6.Give positive answers to negative-based questions.
7.Don’t try to be over confidant.

8.Say ‘Salam or Khuda Hafiz’ at leaving the chair

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