UTS Solved MCQs Papers for Inspector Sub Inspector

UTS Jobs Syllabus MCQs Papers
UTS Solved MCQs Papers for Inspector Sub Inspector

Download UTS Inspector Sub Inspector Test Solved MCQs Past and Sample Papers

1: Urdu kis zuban ka lafz hy?
A; Turkish      B: Hindi                        C: Arabic         D: persian

2: Azad nazam ka bani kis poet ko kehty hain?
A: amjad islam amjad             B: majeed amjad         C: Noon-meem-rashid
D: Faiz ahmed faiz

3: “heer-Ranjha” kis ny likhi thi?
A: hashim shah                       B: Waris shah            C: sachal sarmast                  D: none of these

4: Kis Punjabi poet ko “Punjabi ka Shakespeare” kehty hain?
A: Waris shah             B: sultan baho             C: bhully shah             D: hashim shah

5: Famous t.v. play “un-kaahi” kis ny likha tha?
A: amjad islam amjad             B: umaira ahmed                    C: Haseena moeen   
D: ubaid ullah sindhi

6: Base Ball team is consisted of how many players?
A: 9                  B: 5                  C: 7                 D: 11

7: In which game the person who scores least, wins the game?
A: Chess         B: Golf                        C: Rugby                     D: Cards

8: Chess-mate is consisted of how many squares?
A: 64                B: 86                C: 92               D: 74

9: Which animal does not have ears?
A: Oyster           B: Snake       C: albatross    D: Vulture

10: Which of the following has teeth?
A: Eagle                       B: Snake         C: Bats                       D: King Crab

11: “Light year” is used for?
A: to measure age      B: To measure distance                   C: to measure Age
D: to study in night

12: Who invented sulfuric Acid?
A: Jabir bin hayan     B: Sir Sulfur Glydes    C: Bu ali Seena                       D: john Dalton

13: In computer networking, LAN stands for?
A: Line area Network   B: Low Area Network  C: Local area Network         D: Low Arithmetic Network

14: CPU is an example of?
A: Hard ware              B: soft Ware                C: desktop                   D: ALU

15: DVD can store data up to?
A: 600 KB                    B: 17 GB                     C: 13 GB                     D: none of these

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