Zoology MCQs Papers for Lecturer

Zoology MCQs

1. Metamerically segmented worms belong to phylum:
(a). Nematoda (b). platyhelminthes (c) Annelida (d). None of these

2. Which of the following is multiflagellate protozoa?
(a). ceratium (b).Noctiluca (c). Leishmania (d). None of these

3. spicules are secreted by:
(a). Scleroblasts (b). nematoblasts (c). endoblasts (d). none of

4. which of the following is the porous opening through which water enters the hydrocoel of an echinoderm?
(a). pedicellaria (b). tube feet (c)Madreporite (d) none of these

5. The body cavity of most triploblastic animals formed by splitting of mesoderm into an outer and inner layer is called
(A). coelentron (b). coelom (c) colon (d).none of these

6. compound eyes are found in
(a). platyhelminthese (b). echinodermate (c). Mollusca (d) none of these

7. Egg laying mammals are placed in sub-class:
(a). Meththeria (b). protheria (c). theria (d) none of these

8. open circulatory system is found in :
(a). Birds (b). Earthworms (c). cockroach (d). none of these

9. bivalve mollusks are usually:
(a). scavangers (b). deposit feeders (c) filter feeders (d). none of these

10. the pillar or central axis around which the whorls of gastropods shell are coiled is called:
(a). columella (b). collembolan (c). collublasts (d) none of these

11. the ninth vertebrae of frog is called:
(a). cervical (b). Sacral (c). Urostyle (d) none of these

12. the stage in embryo in which the primary germ layers have been laid down is called:
(a). gastrula (b). blastula (c). morula (d) none of these

13. a fish which migrate down river to spawn in the sea is called:
(a). anadromous (b). catadromous (c). dromiacea (d) none of these

14. which of the following has four chambered heart?
(a). Dog fish (b). Frog (c). Birds (d) All of these

15. facets by which vertebratae articulates with one another are called:
(a). Metapophyses (b). parapophyses (c). Zygopophyses (d) none of these

16. the innermembrane of the two foetal membrane in reptiles, birds and mammals is called:
(a). Amnion (b). chorion (c). peritoneum (d) none of these

17. amphioxius is an example of :
(a). Urochordata (b). cyclostomata (c). hemichordata (d) none of these

18. filarial worm (genus wuchereia) belong to phylum:
(a). Nematoda (b). platyhelminthes (c). annelids (d) none of these

19. Notochord is formed from primary :
(a). ectoderm (b). mesoderm (c). endoderm (d) all of these

20. shell fish includes:
(a). shrimp, crabs and eel fish (b). dog fish, crabs, and lobsters (c). lobsters, crabs and shrimps (d) ALL of these

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