ASI Sample Papers

Practice Test
51. Bala Hisar fort built by

a.Jahangir    b.Babar    c.Shahjhan     d.sher shah sori

52. Who is first Punjabi poet

a.Baba Farid    b.Ahmad bakhsh     c.Israr Shah     d.Faiz

53. The state bank inaugurated in

a.july 1947     b.july 1948    c.july 1949       d.july 1950

54. War and peace is written by

a.samuel      b.jane Austin       c.leo Tolstoy     d.hungminton

55. Pride and prejudice is written by

a.jane Austin  b.tolostoy       c.abulkalam       d.jane waston

56. Bhat is the currency of

a.indonesia    b.thailand  c.UAE     d.Jordan

57. Scurvy is due to lack of

a.vit b        b.vit c        c.vit    d         d.vit e

58. Ingenious means

a.skilful          b.kind       c.favourite     d.pitiable

59. A piece of cake: meaning is

a. hard task      b.easy task       c.both     d.doubt

60. To have a dispute with some one idiom is of my eye high as a kite    c. an axe to grind     d. none

61. He is fond————teaching.        b.of              c.for

62. Does she ————-cold clothes.

a.wears       b.wear        c.has wear    d.has been wearing

63. It is 5 o clock …… watch         c.of      d.for

64. Indentify CORRECT spelt

a.congratulate          b. congrachulate        c.congratulat      d.congratulatee.

65. What is the si unit of velocity?

a.m/s   b.m     d.m/s2

66. Alkhawarzmi   is related to

a.math       b.algebra         c.physics

67. Who invented HCL khawarzmi         b.alberuni         c.alrazi          d.jaber bin rehan

68. Which is next number 3,9,15,21,27,———–

a.30         b.33          c.36             d.       39

69. What will be zakat on 7 tola gold

a. 2.5%       b.3%      c. None      d.2000

70. Akram purchased a house in 260000 Rs. He Sells it on 10% profit.

     What is his profit in rupees.

a.24000         b.39000         c.12000      d.26000

71. 20% of 20 is equal to

 a.4       b.20    c.25          d.10

72. if a shopkeeper give one thing free with purchase of 4 things to customer.

     What will be profit of customer

a.25%          b.29%                c.15%           d.33%

73. Food for 21 days is stored in a house for 10 persons .if 3 persons

     went gone than this food can be used for how many days

a. 20               b.30             c.35         d.40

74. find the value of abc  if a=2,,b=3,,,c=0

a.6     b.2      c.3           d.0

75. Our pc belongs to what generation  ( Page-4 )

a.3rd           b.5th           c.6th           d.4th

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