Sample Paper of Lecturer English

Practice Test
1: “Solitary Reaper” takes place in?
a.      England
b.      Ireland
c.      Scotland
d.      France
2: Hamlet is a?
a.      Prince
b.      Princess
c.      King
d.      A warrior
3: “The defense of the poesie” was published in?
a.      1595
b.      1590
c.      1596
d.      1598
4: The name of Shakespeare’s birth place is?
a.      Stratford on Avon
b.      Stratford down Avon
c.      Stratford up Avon
d.      Somerset Avon
5: Which is the last play written by Shakespeare?
a.      Othello
b.      King Lear
c.      Henry VIII (in parts)
d.       The midsummer’s night dream
6: “histories make men wise, poets witty, the mathematics subtle, natural philosophy deep,, moral grave, logic and rhetoric able to contend,”
These sentence has been extracted from the Bacon’s essay
a.      Of council
b.      Of studies
c.      Of death
d.      Of beauty
7: john Milton wrote Paradise Lost
a.      Just after the death of Shakespeare
b.      After king Charles I’s restoration
c.      During commonwealth period
d.      Before the commonwealth
8: who is known as the founder of the TATLER and THE SPECTATOR?
a.      Joseph Addison
b.      Sir Richard Steele
c.      Sir roger de covertly
d.      Daniel Defoe
9: nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night
God said “let Newton be” and all was light
This famous epitaph intended for Sir Isaac Newton was written by
a.      Jonathan swift
b.      William Congreve
c.      Pope
d.      John gay
10: THE GENTLE SHEPERD a pastoral drama is authored by
a.      Thomas Parnell
b.      Allan Ramsey
c.      Edward young
d.      Lady winchilsea
11:  PARSON ADAMS is a famous character of
a.      Joseph Andrews
b.      History of sir Charles grandson
c.      Pamela
d.      Castle rachrent
12: Tom Jones is written by
a.      Thomas hardy
b.      Charles dickens
c.      William Ronda
d.      Henry fielding
13: Dr. Johnson wrote his poem London in
a.      The heroic couplet
b.      Iambic pentametre
c.      Seven stanza form
d.      Blank verse
14. Matthew Arnold call the Eighteen century as
a. the age of mediocre poetry
b. the age of intellectual satires
c. age of poetry
d. age of prose and wisdom
15: which of the following is Sheridan’s first play?
a.      The duenna
b.      St. Patrick’s day
c.      The rivals
d.      The critic
16: S.T.COLERIDGE while residing in the LAKE DISTRICT in 1809 started the magazine,
a.      The friend
b.      The morning post
c.      The watchman
d.      Table talk
a.      William Cowper
b.      Hannah Cowley
c.      Pope
d.      William Shakespeare
18: “child is the father of man” is the famous phrase written by,
a.      William Blake
b.      William words worth
c.      John Keats
d.      William Shakespeare
19: Victorian age is called
a.      Age of serious sentimentality
b.      An era of restless activity
c.      An era of struggle
d.      An era of peace
20: “on the origin of species” published in 1859 was written by
a.      Alfred Tennyson
b.      Charles dickens
c.      Charles Darwin
d.      William Morris
21: Oxford movement was headed by
a.      Cardinal Newman
b.      Matthew Arnold
c.      A.c. Swinburne
d.      William Thackeray
22: the most popular form of literature in Victorian age was,
a.      The novel
b.      The drama
c.      The poetry
d.      The essay and periodicals
23: Tennyson wrote THE PRINCESS in —
a.      The blank verse
b.      The free verse
c.      The seven line stanza
d.      The octosyllabic metre
24:  which is the earliest work of CHARLES DICKENS?
a.      Great expectations
b.      Hard times
c.      Sketches by boz
d.      David Copperfield
25; the last novel of George Eliot is— (Visit second page)
a.      Silas marner
b.      The mill on the floss
c.      Middle march
d.      Daniel deronda

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